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First Time

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It all started at my birthday party. We had just come up from swimming and my friend decided that he had to change. He took off his shorts behind the curtain, and then another guy threw his change of clothes to the other side of the room, leaving him naked. We all started laughing, but he emerged from the curtain, sporting a hard six and a half inch cock. We were all amazed at how big he was for our age, but we didnt mention anything.

Every once in a while he would come over and we would both look at porn together, but nothing really ever happened. Before I could come, he showed me once what it looked like as he jacked off to orgasm before me, shooting a few short spurts.

About two years later, I went over to his house to help him with some of his schoolwork that he had gotten behind on. Once his mom left the room, I had an itch in my crotch so I started to scratch. We were both comfortable with each other, so I decided to put my hand down my shorts and re-adjust. I then bravely asked him about jacking off, as he was a year and a half older than I was, and had had some experience. He told me that he would come over later and tell me everything he knew so that I could not run into any problems. Over the next few minutes, we were both rubbing ourselves hard under our shorts, but were interrupted when his mom came back upstairs.

A month or two later, I finally had some time at my house when no one would be home for a while. He came over and started out by looking at a Victoria Secret magazine and to get hard. We both went into my room and decided that we should play strip poker to break the ice. He lost first and was completely naked, already a little hard. It was amazing to see his dick hard, because it was a good seven inches compared to my five. I soon followed and took off my boxers, and he decided that the next person to lose would have to jack the other off. I decided that we should go ahead and look at porn first. We both stroked away in front of each other, then with each other. It was the most amazing feeling ever, with me on the edge all the time. We went back and forth and back and forth until we decided we couldn't hold any longer. We both climbed onto my bed and decided to go all the way. We laid back and starting jacking to orgasm. I came first, with what was the most powerful shooting of my life at that point, but he was still going. I put my hand on his balls so he could go a little faster and soon enough he came, shooting all over the bed.

A year and a half after that, there were a few days when we weren't in school. We had been talking and he said that he wanted me to come over. I went over to his house and he got out his swimsuit issue, and we started looking through the magazine, rating all the girls. He asked me if I wanted to play heads or tails, with the loser having to take a piece of clothing off. I obliged, and he lost first. He sat there hard and naked, and asked me what we should do from there. I said I didn't really care, and he then said, wanna jack me off. I said, sure, if you do it back. It was incredible. Sitting there with my dick being jacked while jacking him was awesome. I came after about 10 minutes. As I jacked him off he shot all the way over his head, hitting the wall almost eight feet away.

Although we are both straight and now have girlfriends, I wouldn't ever trade what we did away.



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