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First Real Cum Pt.2

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This is the rest of my story from my earlier post titled 'My first real cum'


After typing in my story I rushed over to my friends house. Her mom told me that she was upstairs and to let myself up. As soon as she opened the door i instantly became very wet. She was wearing very very short shorts and a really small tank top that showed her tits nicely, and her nipples were very erect. We made small talk for a while, the usual girl stuff, and then she blurted out 'Show me those sites you were on.' So I quickly went to the computer (the computer is in her room) and showed her the sites, then she said 'Do the pictures of women turn you on?' and I answered yes. Then she told me that the women in pornos make her horny and asked me if I ever did anything with another woman, I told her no, but id love to try. Then she began to kiss me, which we've done before but she used alot more tongue this time. I was wetter than ever at this moment. She held my hand and motioned me to her bed and told me to lay down; so with that I did. She got on top of me and we bagan to kiss again, and she took off my top. She started to rub my tits through my bra and told me that I made her hot and that she loves to think about me when she masturbates, that drove me wild! I took off my bra while she took of my pants and began to kiss my pussy through my lace undies, then slid my undies off and tossed them to the floor saying 'Damn girl your really wet, which is perfect!' With that she reached over and from under her bed she took out a dildo, I was very intrigued, but she said that it was for later. She took off her clothes and we began to kiss once again. She ran her hand up and down my pussy and with the other she rubbed my tits. Then slid 2 fingers in me and rub my clit with the palm of her hand, and after a while I came hard and she licked up the juices off her hand. Then we changed possitions and I licked and sucked on her nipples and worked my way down to her pussy. I licked her clit while running my fingers in and out of her and she let out loud moans and came hard on my face. She then pulled my face up and kissed me with her cum on my lips, she tasted so sweet! After that we held each other naked for a while and then she remembered the dildo, after all the excitement I wasnt worried over it as much anymore, since I was a virgin and the dildo was pretty big, I thought it would hurt. She had me lay down on the bed and she was sitting over me with the dildo in hand saying 'I know you've never had anything up your tight pussy, but I really want to fuck you with this, are you ready?' and I nodded yes. She bend down and gave me a very light kiss and worked her way down to my pussy. She rubbed my clit a little with her finger and then began to insert the fake dick in me. She slid it in slowly and said 'I want you to feel every inch of this' It hurt a little at first but then it felt great! She would change the speed every so often, to where as soon as I was about to cum she would slow down so slow till she almost stopped. Then she would begin to go fast again, this went on for a bout 20 min, and then she just let me cum. It was so amazing, i dont think ive ever cum so much in my life. She layed on top of me afterwards with the dildo still all the way in me and told me she loved to watch me squarm with anticipation and how beautiful I looked cumming. We held each other for a while and she reached down and slid the dildo out of me and licked it clean of my cum. That turned me on again and we began to kiss and get into it more, until she stopped me because her mom gets up early in the morning for work and it was 5 AM and her mom gets up around this time. So we cleaned up, got dressed and held each other to sleep... :)



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