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First Orgasm by My Brother

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This happened a few weeks ago. Thanks to all on Solo Touch; I love reading the stories.


I have always tried to orgasm but never could. I loved masturbating but never got far. One day, my parents went out, so I decided I would REALLY try.

I lay down on my bed and started peeling my clothes off, as if someone else was doing it. I have quite large breasts and I can actually get my nipple into my mouth. I sucked on my nipple and felt my clit through my panties. I slowly slid them down my leg and started to touch myself.

Almost twenty minutes later my hands were getting tired, and I was nowhere near coming. So I just relaxed. I looked at the door and saw my 16-year-old brother standing there. I froze and flushed bright red with embarrassment. He is very good looking and has black hair and a tanned body. I covered myself up. He smiled. I asked him how long he'd been there and he replied 'Long enough'. He walked over to my bed and pulled my hands away from my crotch. I struggled but he was strong and pushed my hands to my side, gazing at my pussy. I begged him to let me go, but he just said 'Shhh' and started stroking my vulva. 'I'm gonna help you' he said, fondling my breasts. I felt very embarrassed but didn't struggle as much.

He stopped and reached into his pocket. He brought out a big bright red plastic thing. I knew exactly what it was: a vibrator. My eyes widened and I went to get up but he pushed me back down again. 'You'll love it I promise' he said. 'I've never been that far, please...' He shushed me again and stroked my face. He turned on the vibe and brought it to my clit. All my worries slipped out. I arched my back a little, pushing myself onto it. He rubbed it up and down and in slow circles. I felt like I was going to pee all of a sudden and felt hot all up my spine. My breathing was getting quicker, and I started panting. It even started to hurt a little. 'It's...hurting me' I panted and tried to pull away. 'It's okay.' he said. 'You're almost there'

'I'm gonna pee!' 'I promise your not. Come on. Come for me, that's right.' He started to rub the bone above the top of my clitoral shaft very fast. 'Good girl, COME ON.' I panted faster and then suddenly fell into bliss and came screaming his name. He turned the vibrator off, and gently massaged my lower tummy. I was shaking all over. 'Good girl, I knew you would like it' He kissed me on the head.



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