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First Masturbation Demo

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In Grade 8 I was still learning...


Back in the 50s my sex education consisted of my parents giving me a paperback book that talked about relationships, marriage, and sex. There was nothing in it about masturbation, just about wet dreams. I learned to masturbate myself and was enjoying it several times a day. After I read that paperback, I read everything I could find in the school and public library.

The girl next door was named Charlotte. She looked like Vivian Leigh, black wavy hair, fair skin, and a small dark mole just above her upper lip. We went to the same school but were not in the same class. We talked every day after school, often she would ask me things about sex.

One day she told me that her boyfriend Bryan wanted to have sex and he claimed there was a thing called a 'rubber' that they could use so that she wouldn't get pregnant. I guess she doubted what he said, that's likely why she was asking me. I had discovered that my dad kept about a thousand rubbers in his drawer. I don't know why he had so many unless he was buying them in boxes of a hundred or even a thousand. They weren't even in packages like nowadays, they were just loose.

My mom didn't work so we usually talked at our house after school until her parents got home. I had a workshop in the basement where I built model rockets and boats. I had a secret place where I kept my 'erotic literature'. The next room had couches and we usually talked in there.

I had grabbed a handful of rubbers and today I showed them to her. She couldn't figure out how they worked. I unzipped my pants and pulled out my boner. I unrolled one of the rubbers onto my cock to show her. The rubber was still loose on me, I guess I was too small for my dad's size rubber. She asked me how it worked. I started to stroke myself and she asked what I was doing. I explained that I was going to make myself cum and that way she would see how the rubber could keep the cum from going inside her.

She was really fascinated. I was pumping away on my dick but nothing much was happening. I got down on the floor on my knees on a cushion in my usual position and it felt better. She sat on the couch bent over looking at me, her elbow on her knee and her fist under her chin. My hand was just flying up and down my dick and a couple of times the rubber came off in my hand because it was so loose. She got down on the floor in front of me, real close, to watch. I told her she better not get too close or my cum would go all over her dress, if the rubber came off at the wrong time. She moved over and sat beside me. Finally I ejaculated into the rubber with a great sigh and then I pulled it off to show her that the cum was all inside it.

She asked me to do it again for her this time without a rubber so that she could see it come out of my dick. I told her we had to wait about 20 minutes then I would be able to again.

Just then my mom called down to say I had to go to the store for milk for supper. Charlotte and I made the trip together and planned to meet at her house after school the next day.

After school the next day I took my homework (and a rubber) over to Charlotte's house. We went to her bedroom and she pulled back the covers of the bed, took all her clothes off, and laid down on the bed. She had a lot of dark curly pubic hair and small breasts with large very dark nipples. I took off my clothes and laid down beside her. I thought we should get covered up with the sheet and blanket like my parents did but she said no she wanted to see me cum. I said ok and I started to stroke myself. Nothing much was happening so I asked her to kiss me. She wrapped her arms around me and closed her eyes and kissed me, then she was back to gazing at my cock. I told her she had better get a towel so that the cum wouldn't get on her bed.

She returned with a dark burgundy towel and put it on the bed between us. I told her that her kiss felt good but the kiss wasn't long enough. She said she didn't want to miss me cumming. She kissed me again and a few seconds after she stopped to look at my cock, I blew my cum all over her belly and chest. She was fascinated that it was snow-white and so sticky. She said my ejaculation was the neatest thing she had ever seen. I milked the last of my cum out of my dick onto the towel and then used the towel to wipe her off. She asked me if I could do it again for her. I said yes but it would be better if she did it to me.

I'll tell that story and the one about her visiting cousin from Germany, Sabine, shortly.



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