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Photo's at Last

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After 10 years I finally get more pictures


Again this story is 100% true, and just happened this last weekend. First a little back story. On the weekend that my wife and I got engaged, she let me take pictures of her. They were of her playing with her beautiful pussy, rubbing her clit and sliding her fingers inside. She got so lost in playing that I think she almost forgot I was there. This was before camera phones and all of the pictures were on a digital camera. They have been lost for a long time now, and I have been begging for more.

About five years ago she relented and while I was at work took a few of her enjoying herself. Nothing like what we had, but at least it was something. I have been pestering her ever since to give me more, either by herself or with me as the photographer (You can guess which one I prefer). About two years ago we made a little deal (I am not above bribery), she wanted some extra money to go to a casino with, I wanted pictures. We agreed on an amount and off she went. I have been reminding her of this deal for quite some time now, just hoping that she would pay up. Then it happened.

The kids were watching a cartoon movie in the other room and we could hear it playing, we were sitting on the couch just enjoying each others company, having a few drinks, talking and playing on our phones. She was in her short cotton shorts that she only runs around the house in and a sweatshirt. The way she was sitting on the couch I could see up her shorts and I was enjoying looking at her panties knowing just a thin layer of material separated me from the promised land. I made a few remarks about how I was enjoying her position, and thinking I was being sneaky snapped a pic with my phone. Problem was I forgot to turn off the flash. She instantly knew what I had done, so I did what anyone would do. I showed her just how sexy she looked. She disagreed, and I told her it would probably be better without the flash.

She made no move to close her legs or change her position so I took another with the flash off and showed it to her as well. She agreed it was better. I turned on the overhead light, and took a few more, commenting that if I could just slide her panties over I would get a great shot. She told me she was just going to continue playing on her phone and to do whatever I thought was necessary. I took this as my go ahead and started rubbing her lips bringing her wetness to the outside, circling my finger around her clit and pulling it back to really make it stick out. All the while snapping photos. I commented that she seemed at least from my perspective to be enjoying the attention, and she confirmed my suspicions.

About that time we heard the ending to the movie, so things had to stop. I hopped in the shower since I knew that I wanted to have sex later that night, and she had told me that wasn't happening without me showering as I had yet to shower that day. While in the shower I decided to match her silky smoothness and I shaved everything off. I do this on occasion just to switch up how it feels for her when she is grinding on me. It is not something she always wants but occasionally enjoys.

After showering, and getting the kids to bed, we watched tv waiting on them to fall asleep. While waiting she was playing on her phone and talking to me, and all I could think about was more pictures, hoping that the mood had not passed. I got up and confirmed that the kids were indeed asleep, and on the way back into the bedroom shut the door. I climbed back onto the foot of the bed and started rubbing her legs, quickly working my way up to her crotch, I rubbed on her lips from outside her shorts, I took a chance and took a picture, and thankfully she was still up for it.

I took off her shorts and her panties, and she was propped up in our bed with just a sweatshirt on. We spent a few minutes of me taking picture after picture and showing her, trying to get the lighting right to where she also thought the pictures looked good. Once we had it she asked me if she should get lost on her phone again, and I told her I thought that was a fantastic idea. I proceeded to take pictures from every angle I could think of in that position, up close, far away, fingers inside her, pulling on her lips, finger pushing against her clit.

Then it hit me, I got out of bed and went and got one of her toys. She has a few different dildo's and vibrators. I opted for a dildo and climbed back on the bed. She continued to pay no attention to me and I was loving it. I leaned in and ran my tongue over her pussy, she gasped in surprise (she really was lost on her phone), as I made sure she was plenty wet, I started to insert her toy. I took pictures of all stages of insertion with her toy. I had a few pictures of me licking her with the toy in, and with the toy out, and she at one point stopped me and said if you don't stop I am going to cum.

Now I had her change positions and bend over doggy style. I again took a variety of pictures of her pussy and asshole, me grabbing her ass, squeezing her ass, fingers inside her. I tried to take some of the tip of my dick against her pussy, but the camera angle allowed for no light and dared not have a flash. I had her flip back over and took a few more, then told her I would really like to take pictures of her playing with herself.

She smiled a devilish smile and put her phone down (not that it mattered, the excitement had overcome her phone). I leaned back and she reached down and started to run her fingers over her moist lips. I switched to video and got a little one minute video of her completely lost in enjoying herself. I had pictures of her rubbing her clit, and fingers buried deep inside herself. Then she again had to stop. I didn't need to ask why, she was soaking wet, visible on the camera and glistening in the light.

She went to get on top of me and prior to leaned down to make sure I would slide right in, she took me in her mouth. I got a few pictures of that as well, and then even a few more of her slowly getting on top of me. I put the camera down and the rest I believe would violate rules, but you know the position. I only wish I would have switched back to video as she leaned back and gave me a show.

I have good reason to believe that the woman I married is slowly coming back to being the sexual person she was when we married, so I am not too upset about not getting that little bit of video, as I think that this was no fluke and will get to be repeated.

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed it during and now reliving the experience via writing it. She is out running errands and I am leaking precum just from thinking about it. Since she is not here I am going to have to take care of this one myself. Right now.



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