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First Ejaculation Scared To Death

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I was around 13 years old at the time and like most boys was curious about sex and especially my penis. It felt really good when I touched it and it would start to get semi hard. Now at this time, in the early sixties, most boys knowledge of sex was almost nil. I knew nothing just that it felt good when I played with it. Anyway this particular night I was in the upstairs bathroom with the door locked and started playing around again. This time it really started to get hard and the more I rubbed it the harder it got. After a few minutes I had a strange feeling like I was going to pee and all of a sudden this white stuff came out of my penis. I thought I was dying, I had no idea what had happened and a million thoughts went through my head and none of them sexual. I cleaned up and went to bed and was scared to death. What had happened? I didn't know what to do but vowed not to play with my penis ever again.

This feeling of guilt and concern went on for a few days and in that time I did not touch myself again for fear of the same thing happening again.

About a week later, a Saturday, my Mom and brother were gone shopping and I was going to play baseball, my father was home cutting the lawn. I went to my friend's house and he couldn't play for some reason so I went home. My Dad (about 37 at the time) was cutting the backyard and didn't see me arrive and I suppose he thought he was alone at the time.

I went in the house and as was common in some two storey houses at that time we had a hall closet that was sloped as it was under the stairs, we called it a 'cubbyhole' for some reason and my brother and I played in their all the time, read our comics with a flashlight and things like that. This particular day I was in the cubbyhole with my comics and flashlight and just reading. Directly across from the cubbyhole was the bathroom. After a few minutes Dad came in and went into the bathroom (remember he thought he was alone). All he had on was a pair of old pants cut down to shorts as it was a hot summer day and the sweat was pouring off of him. The cubbyhole door was slightly open and I could clearly see through the crack. Given there was only a hallway separating us I would say I was no more than 6 or 8 feet from him and could see him clearly.

No sooner was he in the bathroom he lowered his cutoffs and I figured he was going to pee but instead he stood in his white briefs (only kind they had those days)and started rubbing his crotch and was staring at himself in the full length mirror. I noticed his crotch was getting bigger. Now remember, up to this time I had never seen an adult penis let alone at erection. Anyway, he continued to rub himself and then pulled down his underware and out sprang his penis. I was shocked to say the least and although its been almost 50 years I remember that penis like it was yesterday. I suppose in a childs eyes it looked like it was about a foot long but it was probably an average 5 or 6 inches but my God it was thick! I knew I probably shouldn't look but wild horses couldn't have gotten me to turn away ! He took out some baby oil and poured some on his cock and started to slowly stroke up and down never taking his eyes off the mirror, his cock getting bigger and bigger and looked hard as a rock. After a couple of minutes he reached for a handtowel but continued stroking himself. He then more or less leaned back a bit and I could hear his breathing getting quite labored and the next thing I knew he grunted two or three times, aimed his cock towards his belly and had a large ejaculation that landed on his lower chest and his hand. He had about five or six spurts and continued to stroke for probably another 30 seconds or so and then started to clean up. I noticed his cock was slowly shrinking and eventually he pulled up his briefs and shorts and left.

This had been the most intense five or ten minutes in my life! I had just gotten my sex education I guess. What it did though was put my fears to bed. When I saw the white stuff come out of his cock it looked just like the stuff that came out of mine a few days earlier and I knew then I was not dying!!

Even though I had vowed never to touch my little penis again that didn't last long and I started masturbating regularly like most boys and have done so all my life.

Interestingly, that was the only time I ever saw another boy or man masturbate in person.

In the sixties, fathers generally weren't involved in their kids sex education but in this case my Dad was and didn't even know it!!

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