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Finally With My Best Friend (Part 2)

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The morning after our first time


This is the (somewhat late) follow up to my first story, 'Finally With My Best Friend.'

We slept naked in a spooning position for the rest of the night, which is kind of surprising given the fact that we both normally toss and turn a great deal during the night. I guess for the first time we both went to sleep completely satisfied in every way possible.

The next morning, he woke up first and rolled over onto his back and stretched his arms over his head, resting them on the headboard of the bed. I then awoke to the greatest sight ever, my hand lying on his slightly hairy chest and him smiling at me. When he saw that I was awake, he smiled even bigger and said, 'Hi.' I responded by leaning over and sucking and rubbing on his chest, and then I said, 'Hi.' He laughed quietly. That's all it took was that cute, simple laugh of his, and I was gone. I propped myself up and really started rubbing and kissing his upper torso, including his hairy armpits. He smiled and said, 'I think I've created a monster.' I thought, 'What a perfect cue to go ahead and mount him and start some morning cock play.' So I straddled him, and as soon as I did, we both felt our enormous erections slap up against each other. Then, in perfect unison, we said, 'Oooo, somebody's got a morning hard-on.' Then, we just looked into each others eyes. We had spoken complete sentences in unison many times before, but this time was different, and we both knew it. At that moment, we had somehow connected at an even deeper level than the night before.

I then leaned down and kissed him, and he immediately started kissing me back. As we made out, I clasped my hands around his wrists that were still resting on the head board and lowered my body onto his. I began to grind my body into his, grinding my cock against his cock as we continued to passionately make out. I then reached down with one hand and started to jack him off as I continued to grind my cock against his stomach. This continued for a few minutes until I decided that I had such an amazing erection that I had to show it off to him and do something a little different. So, I sat up, took my cock in my hand and rubbed it across his chest as some precum leaked onto his nipples. He must have thought this we incredibly hot, because a very devilish smile suddenly came across his lips.

I then started rubbing his chest and making out with him again, as he rolled us over so that he was now on top. He then repeated what I had done, grinding our cocks together, and as he would relax between his grinds, I would grind back, which added more sensation as we got a rhythm going, and he then placed one hand firmly around my cock and jacked me off for a while. He then sat up and rubbed his cock across my hairy chest. We started making out again as we both jacked each other off with a firm grip until we came all over each other at the same time. We were both sweating like crazy as it was a typically hot, humid summer morning in Spain. We held and caressed each other and kissed a little longer before finally hitting the shower (separately) and getting dressed so we could join the others from our school for another day of sightseeing.



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