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The Good Times

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Talking about solo and male-male.


I submitted a story when I was 15, back in the Proaxis days, and since then, I have been reading this site off and on.
When I was 11 years old, my friend Eric used to get all cable channels free because his father was a cable guy. He got the Playboy channel (or they called it Spice back then)...anyway, I knew a lot about sex, I didn't know anything whatsoever about masturbation. One day, he was watching TV in the other room of his house and I was watching the Spice channel in the living room. I remember nobody would be at his house all day. I remember getting so very horny, but didn't know how to release myself, let alone knew it was possible. That night when I was at home, all that was on my mind was the naked women and soft-core porn they played. I wanted to have sex so bad, I tried to have sex with anything. I am circumcised, so humping a pillow didn't work for me, between the couch cushions didn't work either. Then I thought, 'what if I make my hand like a pussy hole? What if I have sex with that?' and I tried it, it felt really good. When I was in bed, I tried it again. I know I did it all night long, when finally, my penis started pulsating, throbbing, my body started to shake, my legs began jolting, my head was thrusting back and a bunch of cum got all over my legs and pubic area. I got so scared. I turned on my light and it was a bunch of clearish-whitish fluid. I actually told myself 'I got a new hobby.'
Every chance I had after that, I jacked off. Mainly at home in my room or bathroom. But when I got older, I would jerk off in the restrooms in school, in the car while I was on long trips, anywhere I felt like...without being caught of course.
Then I had a friend named Jack. I knew I was interested in guys by the time I was 12. I loved women and their bodies at that time, but started getting very interested in men. One day my friend Jack and I were in my room, I so desperately wanted to see his dick, so I said 'let's play truth or dare' and he said agreed. 'I said, truth or dare' ad he said 'dare' then I said 'I dare you to show me your dick' he didn't show me so I socked him and said 'you have to' we argued for a few minutes when he did pull it out. Then he dared me to show him mine. I did. I can't really recall, but mine was bigger than his at the time. Then I dared him to let me suck his dick. He said Ok, but I barely put my mouth around it. Then I asked him ' do you jack off? ' and he said 'no' but I started to jack off anyway, and he just stared at me before he finally decided to join me. He didn't come, but I did and he was fascinated by it. For years after that, we jacked off whenever he came over, we watched porno, blow jobs and jacking off. We played the usual games of 'who can jack off faster,' 'who can shoot farther,' 'who can last without shooting while jacking off super fast,' 'who can last longer.' We played them all. Then one day, around Christmas time, I asked him if we could have anal sex. We did. It was amazing. I was 15 at the time. And that was the same day he kissed me. We both took turns having sex with each other, and I remember shooting my load all over his ass, and him shooting his load in my ass. We both used condoms though, so it was safe sex.
When I was 16, that was the last time we had sex with each other, after that we didn't talk for about 2 years when I gave him a call and our fun started over. This time I was 18 and I had already been driving for a year and a half. We'd pull up in dark spots in the estates on the hills and jack off in my car. Our bodies changed so much in those 2 short years, from barely hair young guys, to two muscular hairy chested, hairy bodied young men, bigger dicked young men. I remember touching his body now, feeling the hair around his nipples, the middle of his chest, his dick in my hand and his deep voice said 'harder Jaime, jerk me off harder' The only problem now is that he 'only likes women' and I am the 'only guy he's done things with,' so there's no point in wanting him, just be his friend and have 'good clean fun together.'
I've had many sexual partners since and in between my encounters with him, all of them males, one female that's not worth talking about. But he was special because he was my first everything. First male kiss, first jack off buddy, first anal fuck, first blow job...
With my solo experiences, there is a lot to talk about, from being in the junior high restrooms jerking off in the urinals, to masturbating in my car, the Sears restroom, college restrooms, outside on my patio, restrooms at work, gym rooms, and while driving.
I remember driving home some days, I'd be wearing my shorts with no underwear on or pull my pants off and drive without anything from the waist down....and driving, one hand is on the wheel, while another is holding my cock. Frantically pumping my penis while speeding down the street and hold the steering wheel. Going for it, nothing stopping me now, I'm moaning and groaning in pleasure. I keep going and I can't stop. Finally, I shoot my load everywhere while trying to control my car...on the belts, the wheel, my stomach, my clothes. I pull over and fix myself up.
Or in the urinals in restrooms, usually when nobody is in the restroom, I piss first and then start pulling on my dick, then it gets harder and firmer and I start to grip it, then it's rock hard. I want to hurry up so nobody walks in, I want to shoot my load as fast as I could. I jerk myself, faster and faster, and then I release. The tension in my body relaxes, my breathing returns to normal...and there's cum all over my pants (yes, that has happened to me on several occasions)...in which I try to clean up as good as I can.
I've been doing it for 8 years now, and nothing is stopping me anytime soon. I think I am a chronic masturbator and am getting worse as I get older. I used to do it once a day, then twice a day..up to six when I reached 15...then back to 5, 4, 3, never below 3 if I had a choice...but not, I'm 19 and can do it 4-5 times a day!! EVERYDAY...and I can shoot a good amount of cum each and every time. My penis is hard more than half the day, and won't subside unless I masturbate or have sex. I love doing it. Watch myself on my camcorder or in the mirror...jacking off is the best hobby I've ever had.



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