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Family Happens I Guess

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Living in a house with two younger and two older sisters is cramped to put it mildly.


I share a room with Kate, my older sister by about 18 months. We have really good privacy rules at home and when we need some private time it is always easy to arrange and always respected. Our mom knows we masturbate, we all know each other masturbates too. We just give each other plenty of private time to do it. Until last Saturday, that is.

It was late, I guess around 11:00 pm. We were in bed and I thought Kate was asleep. But then, into the darkness she said "Hey Jess. Can I ask you something?" I said sure and she said "Have you ever masturbated with..with.. uh.. another girl?" Well, you could have blown me out of bed! Kate is just about THE most cock hungry girl I know! I know for a fact she lost her cherry when she was 13 and likes men a lot older than she is. She says its the best sex in the world. Still, back to the question. I said "Uh.,.well sometimes I guess I have thought about what it would be like, but I haven't ever, you know, done it." Then Kate said "I would love another girl to just watch me masturbate." I guess I was mildly interested because I said. "I'll watch you if you like."

The next thing I knew she was sobbing her heart out. I got up and walked across to her bed and slipped in beside her and held her. She cried for at least 15 minutes totally uncontrollably. Then, as she calmed down she told me "Jess. I like sex with guys, but I think, deep down, I am at least bi, and probably lesbian all the way. I am so desperate to do it with another girl. I want her touch, I want to touch her, I want her fingers in my cunt." So brazen. Kate had never used language like that and I must admit, the dirty words ALWAYS do it for me. She went on. "All I think about is licking another girls cunt out, having her cream in my mouth, hell, I want to do it with a girl!"

Well, the next thing I knew I was kissing her and kneading her breasts. She parted her legs and put my hand down there. She was soaked. The next thing I knew I was fingering my sister for all I was worth. I even kissed down her tummy. I was rewarded by her cumming into my mouth and on my fingers. Then she asked if she could do it to me. I figured what the hell and was prepared to go it alone with her, but when she started on me, I really REALLY enjoyed it. She was about to go down on me, but I had to tell her I had fucked my boyfreind earlier that evening and she might get more than she wanted. It didn't stop her.

I spent the whole night in her bed and she, well there is no nice way to say this, she fucked my brains out. I find I LOVE the taste of her, and the feel of her. OK, and her being my sister and all makes it nastier but better too if you know what I mean. We role played too. She got me to "rape" her. I lay between her spread thighs and held her hands on the pillow above her head and humped her. I could actually feel our clits touch. Since then, we have both shaved so we can be smooth together and I think we are in for the long haul here. Interestingly, when I was with my boyfreind today, I barely got aroused, even though he was doing all the right things. I totally love it when my sister calls me dirty and abusive names when she has her fingers in me though. When she smiles and calls me her "little cuntslut" it is an automatic orgasm!



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