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Exposing Myself to the Hotel Chambermaid

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What happened when one of the maids peered through the windows of my room.


Some years ago I was working in South Africa, in the days of Apartheid. I am white British, and all the maids at my hotel were brown skinned, known as Cape Coloureds in those days to distinguish them from the native blacks. My hotel had once been a winery, and my room was in a separate building, formerly a chicken house, but nicely converted: it had a stone floor and French windows which opened on to a small patio.
On my first morning, I had just got up and switched on the lights, when I saw through the windows a young maid passing by. On seeing me through the net curtains (which was easy enough because being winter there was less light out than in), she slowed her pace to have a better look. I was quite turned on by this, and soon found that the path outside my window was the way to the store where the buckets and brooms were kept. All the maids walked past in the next few minutes, and soon walked back again to start work.
Next morning I made sure my lights were on in good time, and parted the net curtains to ensure a clear view through the glass. As the first maid appeared, I immediately took off my briefs, having already stimulated my penis, which now stood straight out in front of me. I tried to look as if I didn't know anyone was watching, but out of the corner of my eye I saw that she had come to a standstill and was staring at me. Her friends soon gathered to see what she was looking at, while I continued to display my erection. I imagine that for a coloured girl to see a white man's cock must have been unusual, if not illegal, at that time.
Next day, I went further and not only parted the curtains but actually opened the glass door to allow a completely uninterrupted view of myself standing naked in my room, this time, with the added excitement, allowing my cock to stand virtually upright. Knowing I was to leave the hotel next day, I became even more bold as the girls gathered, and moved to the doorway, only a few feet from where they stood. The first girl, with the best smile, asked me 'What do you want?' and I managed to make her understand that she should come to my room after work that evening.
Sure enough, she did, together with another girl for moral support. I encouraged her to strip to the waist, while I undressed, and she had enough curiosity to grab my huge circumcised penis and start massaging it, while I felt her breasts with their huge dark aureoles. Alas, after a few moments some pre-cum began oozing out, at which she took fright, dressed quickly and left, along with her colleague.
I hope she was excited by the venture: I was left to relieve myself by continuing what she had started, and watched a considerable quantity of semen spurt out of my penis on to the stone floor, looking as if someone had dropped an egg on it (but without the shell, needless to say).



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