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Exhibitionist Neighbor

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I lived in an apartment in Chicago with my college roommate, Tom. I had the bedroom while he took a corner of the huge living room for his sleeping quarters. Like other college kids, we didn't have much furniture or curtains in our apartment. We were up on the second floor, so we didn't think too much about it.

A few months roll by when, out of the corner of my eye, I see the neighbor across the street with the french doors to his balcony open. I've never even noticed this apartment before, but this time he grabbed my attention. At first I didn't believe it. Was he really naked in front of his window? OMG, he was!

I quickly retrieved a pair of binoculars and stood back from the window and focused my attention on him. Yep, he was stark naked and watching a fitness program. He alternated positions and occasionally stood up, all in absolute clear view of the window. I couldn't believe how brave this guy was and I wondered if he knew people might be able to see him.

My roommate wasn't home so I went to the living room for a better view. I raised the binoculars up to my eyes and lost my breath when I noticed he was outside, on his balcony, staring directly at me. Gasp! I was busted. I moved to the side and slowly peeked around the corner of the window with the binocs to my eyes. Not only was he staring at me again but now he was actually stroking his cock. Holy cow.

I suddenly got nervous, as I had never seen another guy stroking his cock before. But here this guy was being a complete exhibitionist and stroking his cock for my enjoyment. I was both fascinated and scared but I continued to watch. He was hard and pumping steadily and my heart was racing. For some reason he retreated back into his living room as he closed his balcony shut. I thought the show was over.

I kept watching the balcony doors for any movement when, out of the corner of my eye, I see him exit his apartment building. He looked up at me again and I quickly moved away from the window. Did he see me? Uh, yes. He crossed the street and stood outside my window looking up. Oh my. He was trying to signal me. Holy crap. My heart started pounding and I was breaking into a sweat. Although I was enjoying the show, I'm not gay and I had absolutely no intention of going downstairs or letting him in. Crap. Luckily, he moved on after a few minutes.

To my surprise, he continued his balcony show every morning and the occasional afternoons. He tried to entice me to come downstairs a few more times and then gave up on that aspect. He obviously enjoyed being an exhibitionist and I loved playing the voyeur.



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