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Erotic Parking Lot Encounter

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I am a retired married man who has a moderate sex life with my wife. That's not to say that I don't wake up with a boner every morning, because I do. However, my wife isn't always cooperative in sharing my pleasure.

Over the years, I have experimented with other women and even a buddy or two. Most times when enjoying a buddy, it's because nothing is happening at home and I feel the compulsion to have sex, so I seek out a buddy for mutual masterbation. Lately, it's been harder and harder to find a buddy who wants to share as I do.

This one morning I drove to a large beach parking lot in my community which sits near the ocean. It affords a pleasant view of the water as well as cool breezes and an opportunty to meet some new people. It was a crisp Fall morning and there didn't seem to be a lot of people there. My hormones were really on high that day and I kept feeling a tingling in my cock. It was in a semi-hard mode since I woke up that morning. Needless to say, my wife went to work without so much as a glance at my raging hard-on so it was up to me to help myself.

The lot was pretty well empty when I arrived. There were only two cars parked at one end of this huge lot, and one could see that there were men sitting behind each driver's wheel. I pulled my car up between the two cars. Both drivers looked over at me and smiled and bid me the time of day. I returned a smile and felt my cock harden.

I was wearing sweat pants and no underwear and could feel my hardness growing and pressing against the crotch of my pants. I slipped my hand under the fabric and felt my wet cock. Just as I touched myself, I noticed the man to my left open his car door and walk around his car slowly. His right hand was rubbing his crotch, and it was obvious that he was engorged with desire. My cock pulsed in my hand as I looked at him approach the side of my car. I suddenly realized that the other man had left his car as well, and was walking toward the other side of my car.

My eyes scanned the entire lot for other people, but no one was there but us three. The second man walked right up to the passenger-side window and signaled for me to lower it. I did. His face was flushed and he smiled at me and asked how I was doing. All the while his eyes were on my hand slowly pumping my hard-on under the fabric of my sweat pants. He asked if he could sit in my car and I nodded for him to come in and sit. He did.

The first man was now at my driver's window and I could see his pants were opened and he was slowly pulling out his swollen manhood and manipulating it with his free hand. His other hand was on my door.

He started to look at my crotch and said, 'I see you've met my friend Kevin. He has an awfully nice cock, too. Why don't you show us yours?' Kevin was lowering his pants and now had his 8' cock in plain view for us to see. I almost felt intimidated by his size, but the man next to my window was showing me his cock, and it was no more than 5'. He said, 'Size really doesn't matter when you're having fun.' I then pulled my sweats down to show myself to my two new friends. I was as hard as I ever had been. Kevin leaned back and began to masturbate with a flourish. My new friend to my left also started to beat himself with abandon. I joined in the fun with both new friends looking at my hard cock, now being mercifully stroked at a furious pace.

The man standing next to my window started to moan and it was obvious he was about to ejaculate on my car. I closed my eyes and jerked harder on myself, feeling my precum lubricant more wet than ever. All one could hear was the slushing sound or three men masturbating in rythym. Slush, slush, slush. I opened my eyes to see a red 5' cock nearly inside my window. He was shooting a massive amount of cum on my car and some of it even hit my steering wheel. It only made me hotter.

I was high as a kite, and then I glanced down at the man sitting next to me and witnessed one of the largest cocks I have ever seen. So huge, and so red, the head looked as though it would explode. He was jerking it harder and harder, and I was about to explode in passion and desire.

His big cock exploded and shot cum all over my dash board. The sight of it only made me more excited. I was about to have the best orgasm I had had in years. It was still building as I watched cum slide down my dashborad over the radio and CD player. So white and creamy. I was surrounded by the moans of two men, each holding their cocks in their hands.

My eyes closed and I felt this sensation building down in my balls. Suddenly I felt a hand on mine, forcing mine loose from my cock. Then another hand from the opposite side grasping at my 6.5' cock. The two guys were now jerking me off simultaneously. I felt incredible ecstacy. It had been a long time since any strangers touched my cock. The slushing sound of my cock being pumped by two strangers just added to the heights of my arousal. I knew I was going to outdo myself with cum. It was on its way. Suddenly as they both stroked me slowly now, my cock exploded with a steady stream of hot cum... all over my steering wheel and odometer mixing with cum of the man standing to my left. Oh, it was so good. I am reliving it here as I write this. They were gentle with my erect staff after I came, knowing just how to stroke my cock as I emptied my love juice.

It was certainly more than I ever expected that day. After the 'Thank yous' and 'goodbyes,' I drove home while rubbing the still wet cum on my dashboard and steering wheel. It served as a stimulant again, and by the time I got home in my garage, my cock was reborn. I proceeded to help myself in the privacy of garage.

I have revisited the lot several times since then. I have met several new buddies, but I never saw the two men who pleased me so much. I am hopful that someday they will return.



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