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Embarassing in Public

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This involves my cousins, but isn't another family story. And I am not a lesbian. I promise.


I am currently 18 but this happened last year in the middle of winter. My brother was having a sleepover with all of his friends. One of the people he invited was our cousin, Jack, but most of the other people were friends of his from school. My mom allowed me to invite one person over so I wouldn't be stuck at home with a bunch of guys, so I invited our other cousin, Ashley.

Ashley and I should have been sisters. We share absolutely everything with each other, including all of our boy experiences if you know what I mean. We even look like sisters. We are both short with long, brown hair and green eyes. We could almost pass as twins.

Anyway, we stayed in our room, and the boys stayed in the den. There was about five of them altogether. My cousin and I got hungry, and had to walk by the den to make it to the fridge. We were both wearing our pyjamas, which consisted of pyjama shorts and low-cut tank tops without bras since my parents kept the heater on non-stop in the winter, and we didn't even have a second thought about walking by a bunch of teenage boys like this.

On our way back to our rooms I heard one of my brother's friends say, 'Hey, we are getting ready to watch a movie if you want to watch it, too.'

I looked at Ashley, and then I said, 'Okay.'

The movie was easily R-rated, if not then it definitely should have been. The opening seen was a guy whacking off to some kind of porno. The guys all laughed, of course, but me and Ashley kind of blushed. What were we supposed to think?

The guys all start making jokes about how they do it all the time, and start talking about different techniques, like me and Ashley aren't even there! This was the first time I had heard my brother talk about anything of the sort. I had accidentally seen his junk in the past, and he had more than likely seen me naked a couple of times. Neither of us cared anymore to be honest, but I had never heard him speak of it.

'I do it all the time, probably about twice a week or so. If you do it too much then it just isn't as fun.'

'Yeah! I know right?'

I can hear multiple different takes on the situation, and me and Ashley start laughing hysterically. This is when one of the guys looks and me and says, 'So, do you guys ever diddle your clit?'

This funny little remark gets an outburst of laughter from his friends, and I have to admit that it was pretty funny.

'I'm serious,' he continues, 'Do girls ever masturbate? Or is it kind of a guy thing?'

'I think girls masturbating is hot!' replies one of the other guys.

They continue a little bit, and I am thinking of my response the whole time. I didn't have the time, or the privacy, to ask Ashley, and the topic had never turned up before, so I didn't know if she did or not.

I decided to just lay it all out there as honest as I could be. 'I have tried it a couple times before. I never actually, you know, put anything up there, but I like to kind of rub it sometimes.'

I could tell that the guys were interested by their utter silence, and because they were all trying to hide their boners. Ashley then commented, 'Yeah, I kind of do the same thing. I tried it in the shower once. It feels pretty great.'

The guys are dead silent. I took a glimpse of the TV screen, which was another masturbation scene. I didn't get to watch that movie, but I'm guessing it was all soft-core porn.

'So, you don't think it's disgusting?' asked one of the guys.

'No! It feels awesome.' Ashley replied.

The guys didn't know what to say next, so me and Ashley whispered to each other for a second, then I said, 'So, how exactly do guys do it?'

They all stammered for a few seconds, then one of them said, 'I get a handful of lotion and just start rubbing. Then I get faster and faster until I cum.'

'I don't use lotion sometimes. It feels better to mix it up.'

'I like to do it in the shower so I don't have to clean up the mess.'

'I do it in the morning. It gets me off to a good start.'

One after one, they started going into detail about how they beat their meat. Then Ashley asked, 'How about a demonstration. Me and Brittany aren't really picking up all of this information at once.'

Nobody wanted to do it, so we picked one of the hottest guys there and urged him to do it. We eventually talked him into sliding off his shorts and grabbing his dick. Then he just started going back and forth. He didn't act very enthused, and he didn't finish, so it only lasted about a minute, but it got me really horny. I wasn't wearing panties, or a bra, so my nipples were hard as rocks, and I kept tugging at my crotch trying to keep the wetness from showing too bad. I let my tank top fall a little bit, to kind of set the mood and get the guys hornier. My nipples were almost showing over the top.

After laughter and teasing from his friends, the guy that gave us the show asked, 'So, we still aren't real clear on how girls do it either, so why don't you give us the run-down?'

Me and Ashley had figured this would arise, but we didn't care. I volunteered to go first, and I started by just pulling my shorts down. I could tell just by looking that every guy in there had a boner, even my brother and cousin who were both wearing nothing but boxers. My pussy was already wet, so I pulled back my labia and explained that it felt really good if you rub your clit in a circular motion. I pointed out my clit, and then started to rub like I had explained. A couple of the guys were rubbing themselves now. I then went on to explain that it felt good to rub your nipples at the same time, so I pulled my shirt down over one breast and rubbed my nipple. I leaned back on the sofa and closed my eyes far a few seconds. I moaned once or twice, then asked Ashley to join.

She stood up and dropped her shorts completely. We are both shaved by the way. She remained standing and rubbed for a little bit, the she sit down on the floor and pulled her breasts out like I had done. I got really into it, forgetting about my surroundings, and I came a little bit in the floor. The guys were amazed, and I think they were all beating off at this point. After we had finished, me and Ashley went back to our rooms giggling.

We went back to spy on them, and needless to say they were still talking about us, and a few of them were still beating off!

Everything in this story except the names and a few minor details about the exact wording are true. Thank you.



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