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Florida Was Good

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I love this site!!! I'm so glad I found it. Masturbation has been better than men for me. I sometimes spend hours giving myself wonderful orgasms that I would never get from my lovers. Not that I don't love sex with the guys, it's just that I know how to make my body burst with great pleasure so well. Practice makes perfect and I have had so much practice for a girl my age.


First let me tell you a bit about myself. I consider myself a good looking girl. I always dress to show and keep myself very fit. I have a toned build but not big, just sleak and lean.

I have found since a young age that I can get almost any man's attention just by showing some skin or batting my eyes their way.

I spent a week away on the gulf side of Florida with my good friend Linda two years ago. While we were there I found most people were quite a bit older than us but not all.

Two days into our trip Linda and I were going for our morning run when a hot young guy about our age met up with us. I'm sure he liked us two girls wearing so little bouncing down the beach. As we got closer we learned he was in a condo two away from ours. We met up for poolside drinks later that day and to talk.

I made sure I came wearing very little under the tiny shorts and T I had on. Lots of boobs showing (even though they are small) and my bikini bottom was low enough that he would know I shave my pussy.

He looked so nice with no shirt and I let him know how nice he looked. It was a great way to start the conversation off.

Linda is just a bit more reserved than me although once she gets going it's like a whole new girl.

Linda and I were going over old times and we were talking about 2008 when we were with friends watching the last final playoff hockey game. I said it was Tampa Bay who won and Linda agreed. Gary said it was the Flames. We went back and forth and Gary said if he was wrong he would give us both a free massage with happy endings. He was a sports massage therapist so massage was not new to him. We laughed and said he'd lose but he was certain he was right. We asked what if we lost and he joked saying we would both have to do the same for him. After the drinks were gone Gary said we should go back to his condo to check out who was right and wrong.

Gary was looking in his laptop all the time joking about how he was going to enjoy his massage so much and kept asking if we were still up for the bet. We said for sure and then as he looked his face dropped then he said 'no this must be wrong'. He looked again and found he was wrong!

Linda and I were giving high fives and yelling then stopped and I asked him where is his massage table. Gary went over to the sofa slowly picking up the cushions dropping them to the floor then said ' this will do I suppose'.

I then asked 'are we really doing this' then Gary said 'a bet is a bet so I guess I have no choice'.

I was real hot and horny now and I turned to Linda telling her she should be first. I was very shocked when she reached behind her back and unsnapped her bikini top letting it fall to the floor showing her rather large boobs. For a thin build she has a good size pair of boobs.

She then wasted no time dropping her bottoms then asked if she was getting a sheet of not. Gary quickly grabbed a sheet and we were ready to go.

Linda laid down bottom end up first and Gary grabbed some lotion for her body rub. He did it properly to start then Linda asked if he was done back there yet and said she was looking forward to her prize. I could not believe what she was saying but I was enjoying where it was going.

Linda rolled over with her big boobs now showing. Gary laid his hand on her body then dribbled lotion into his palm. He gently rubbed her upper body going around her big boobs then he slowly began to circle one boob then the other in a rythmic fashion. Linda said she liked it so far and I was getting wetter now. Gary said it was time for her prize then made his way to her pussy.

Linda's pussy was well manicured but not bald like mine. She kept a bit of blonde hair on top and it looked real nice to me. If I had blonde pussy hair I may keep just a bit too. I have not had hair for seven years now.

Gary began to massage around Linda's pussy saying he likes to get the blood flowing to the genital area before attempting to bring on orgasms. He was talking like he knew what he was doing as far as pussy play goes.

Gary spent about five minutes rubbing around her pussy then asked if she was ok with him entering two fingers inside her. Linda answered with now would be great and giggled a bit.

I watched closely as Gary slid two fingers inside her body then began rubbing the front wall of her vagina. He then began to rub her clit with the other hand but very very slowly and light. Seconds later Linda began to moan just a bit and whispered out loud how good his hand felt on her body. Gary told her to close her eyes and relax allowing her body to do what ever it wanted to. Gary never went any faster. He kept the slow pace teasing Linda's clit and G-spot for a long time then Linda began to breathe a bit faster and I could see her chest moving up and down faster too. Linda grabbed both cushions beside her hips then tightened up her body lifting her butt just a bit off the cushions. She then held her breath while pushing her butt down again then while squinting up her eyes her body shuddered to a nice looking orgasm. Linda jerked her body around for quite a while while Gary never lost his pace with rubbing her body. Finally she said stop and grabbed his hand while still shaking from the orgasm.

Linda laid there panting then as she opened her eyes she said 'that felt about the best ever. You have great hands'. Gary asked if she was done and she said not a chance. She said she was not going to let anything this good stop too soon.

Gary went back to work on her body again so slowly. I thought it was almost too slow but it was just a very short time before the same results were happening with Linda's body.

Gary spent the time to give Linda two more shaking orgasms before she said she would let me have my turn. By this time I was about as horny as I could get. Watching Linda orgasm like that and watching this hot guy masturbating her was so exciting for me. It was almost as good a getting it myself I thought, until it happened.

I was already sitting naked and behind Gary's back I had given my clit a few rubs now and then prepping it for his fingers. My clit was swollen nice and long and I was soaking wet.

I took Linda's place on the cushions and told Gary I did not need a massage and he could get straight to the good stuff.

Gary began with the lotion and noticed I really did not need any. He wet my clit then slid two fingers in just like he did with Linda. As soon as he began to circle my clit it felt fantastic. I moved my hips with his motions telling him to go slow and let it build like he did for Linda. I looked over at Linda and she was sitting with her legs apart masturbating while watching me get my body pleasured. I felt a woosh go through me when I saw her rubbing her clit and it brought me closer to my first orgasm. I could feel my orgasm coming so I just laid back and tried not to move. Once it got real close I had to move or I felt I would burst. I then climaxed faster than normal with almost a bang and I yelled out very loud. The orgasm felt like it came from deep deep inside me and like I was trying to push my insides out. I thought my orgasmic contractions would never stop. Gary only moved my clit a bit as I kept contracting but he was rubbing inside nice and hard and did it feel great!!

When I had my first orgasm I could hardly move! Gary asked with a smile if I was ok. Linda then began her own orgasm and we both turned and watched her rock her body back and forth while panting real hard having no doubt, another great one.

I told Gary there was no way I was letting him off with just one orgasm no matter how great it was. His talented hands were soon on their way to my clit and G-spot once more. He massaged me again saying how much he liked my bald pussy and how hot it felt to touch. Soon I was buiding my way to another orgasm and this time it was a bit slower but so so good feeling. I came & came thanks to his great touch. Soon Gary had given me four perfect orgasms and my body felt like I cannot describe. All I know is it was better than I had felt in a long time. I had felt like this before but it usually took me hours of reading or watching good lady porn and masturbating for a very long time to feel this relieved.

When we were done Gary said he wanted to orgasm too. We said it was not part of our bet so he would have to take care of himself and we would watch. His pants were off in seconds and he sat in front of us both with a very hard cock. He dripped lotion in his hand then he was not so slow with his cock as he was with our clits.

Gary's hand was stroking from top to bottom and I found the sloshing sound added to the excitment. I had not seen a guy masturbate since I saw my brother and his friend when I secretly watched them through a crack in the door many years before. It was the topic of my dreams for quite some time thinking how I saw the friend do his cock, now I had it for me close up as my own private show.

I did not masturabte while Gary stroked his cock but Linda got into it for just one more. I sat back and enjoyed as they both were masturbating in front of me then I got to give my full attention to Gary as his cock began squirting cum high into the air and back down on his body then as he regained his control and started to squeeze the last bits of cum out the end of his cock I heard Linda cumming nice and loud. It was a great way to end our day together and for the first time in my life I found a man who could give me orgasms as good as I could myself. I wish I could find a lover like him now.

The other nice thing that came from that day was Linda and I have spent some time masturbating since. During that vacation we did it every day but the last. We have masturbated together a few times since too. What a great feeling it is to be with a good friend and enjoy some lady porn or just watch each other.

The end... sort of.



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