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I can well remember when I first started having wet dreams and did they ever feel good, but they scared me to death. I was an only child of a one parent family and my mother, bless her heart, would never talk about sex. She was a very religious woman and, I guess, she thought I didn't need any sex education from her. I'm now 75 years old and looking back I don't know where she thought I would get this information.

However, to continue my story, I did learn about masturbation from the guys in middle school and I couldn't wait to get home after school and head right to the bathroom to get off. After shooting my load, I felt really guilty and thought I'd done something wrong and somehow injured my body. I was told that the wet dreams would stop when I began masturbating but they didn't in my case, so the guilt continued ... especially since I had to no one to talk to about this whole matter of masturbation. Obviously, my mother knew I was having wet dreams since the stains on the sheets revealed this. Even through this she didn't say anything.

Since my mom worked and didn't get home until late, I did head right to the bathroom almost daily and continued masturbating since it really felt good. The wet dreams continued and I tried to stop getting off, but I ultimately decided to enjoy both things until the dreams came to a stop. From then on, I was able to enjoy masturbating as such.

I didn't masturbate with anyone else until much later in my life when both my partner and I (both straight) were adults. I must say that both of us enjoyed it though we never went beyond jerking each other off.

Now, after prostate surgery and diabetes, I can neither get a hard on nor can I ejaculate, but I still enjoy lubing the 2-inch guy up occasionally and jerking off (remembering the happy days when I had a good 6 or 7 incher in my hand) until I reach an orgasm ... a dry one but still a great feeling. As one friend put it, now you can enjoy the feeling without the mess!

I put all of this in writing and come to a very important ending. If you're a parent or guardian, never fail to tell your son/daughter about sex and about his/her sex organs. If you can't do this yourself, get someone else to do it, but for heaven's sake, do it before your son/daughter reaches puberty and starts having these wet dreams, masturbating, etc. You'll save them much guilt, fear and misunderstanding ... not to mention the possibilities of various diseases. Don't let them get their information from the gutter or from the wrong sources. You'll be doing them a great service and help them to know themselves and what to expect in the matter of sex as they grow up.



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