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Kunming Massage

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This will be the first of several true stories about my massage parlor experiences in China-Please enjoy and comment.


About 10 years ago I had a job selling aircraft parts that took me to China. One of the first things I learned about were the massage parlors in the hotels.

Unlike some of the sleazy rub-n-tug places here in the US, the big hotels had these nice 'massage clubs' where for $20 you could get a real massage, a foot rub and a drink. Some had large hot tubs to soak in as well.

In most, the deal was that if you were in a private room getting a massage you could also arrange a hand-job with the girl. You paid by giving them a big tip ($20-$40) when you signed out. The best part was that you could bill the whole thing back to your hotel room and slide it through on your expense report as a meal.

On one trip I had a unique experience of masturbating in a semi-public space.

I was at a hotel club in Kunming; I had arrived early and had a day to myself before meeting my customers the next day. Not having any idea of what to do I went to the massage club alone.

They had a large open room, much like a bar with big leather chairs where you could get a foot rub. They had a back section for massage and another room to one side that was set up like a small movie theatre with more big leather reclining chairs.

When I went in I was taken into a changing room where a teenage boy quickly removed all my clothes, folded them up and placed them in a locker, giving me the key on an elastic bracelet. He then let me by the hand to a shower stall and indicated that I was to shower. I got under the freezing stream and he then proceeded to wash me all over, including my penis, scrotum going as far as sticking his finger up my ass while cleaning my backside with a soap that contained a grit to clean the skin. It was very weird when he was finished I felt like a hairy baby and my dick was shrunk as much as I have ever seen it.

After this, I was given a pair of grey silk boxer shorts and white terry-cloth robe to wear and led into the big room. A very pretty older woman greeted me with a blast of rapid fire Chinese which I understood nothing. All I could say was 'an mo' which means massage. She kept saying something that I understood to be 'no' while pointing to the passage to the massage rooms. After a moment she pulled out a clipboard and had me write my name and room number on it. I was then led into the movie room and placed into one of the chairs on the second level.

The room had three rows of four chairs, each row raised up over the one before it. There was a giant screen on an angle hanging from the roof with a video projector on the back wall. They were playing some kung-fu movie as I sat down. There were men in most of the other seats, watching the film while drinking and smoking.

Soon after I sat down a young girl of perhaps 16 years came up and started talking to me. When she realized I had no idea what she was saying she pointed to another guy and acted like she was drinking and smoking. I said 'beer' and she went away smiling and returned with a one liter bottle of beer, a chilled glass and a few cigarettes.

I ignored the smokes and guzzled the beer and was soon on my 2nd.

Assuming this was a waiting area before I was to get my massage; I began to watch the movie. It was actually pretty good. The story had some woman ninjas who were trying to rescue their lovers from the evil warlord. It was really a softcore porn film that showed the woman fighting topless but with no real sex.

The next film was a hardcore porn film from Korea. This film had real sex and lots of it. Watching it I began to get an erection. Looking around I could see that several of the other men were obviously masturbating. Some had towels covering their penis's and two were talking among themselves while jerking off. After seeing this I decided to masturbate as well. I pulled my penis out of the leg of my boxers making sure I was covered by the robe.

I was just getting a good rhythm going when the young beer girl returned. She stood in front of me with her hands on her hips as if she was scolding me. I am not sure what she said but the other guys found it extremely funny. She left and returned with the older lady with the clipboard.

The clipboard lady started talking to me while making a jerking off motion with her hands. Laughing, she wrote something on the clipboard and asked me to sign. Confused and rather embarrassed; I signed.

Two of the young girls then returned and they removed my boxer shorts. One took a moment to squeeze and stroke my penis and I almost came right there.

They placed a towel that had a hole on one side over my penis and brought it tight around my balls with a velcro strap. The girl placed my hand on my dick and then folded the towel over it, covering me.

On the table beside me they left a bowl of lube. It was like a thin Vaseline with a mint flavor.

I took some lube and started to masturbate. After a moment I looked around and realized that some of the other men were watching me. This was a turn off and I stopped what I was doing and just sat and watched the movie again.

The film had a scene where there were two very pretty women fucking some guy silly. That got me going again and I began to stroke myself with the goal of having an orgasm. The only problem was the towel was getting in my way as I tried to get off. After a few strokes I just pulled it aside and with my dick standing straight up I started to slide my hand over the head and upper shaft rapidly. I was aware of the other men watching but I tried to put it out of my mind and focus on the pleasure I was feeling. It took me a long time to come but when I did I shot large streams of semen onto my belly and chest.

Exhausted; I lay back in the chair for a moment until my beer girl returned with a wet towel and wiped my dick off while smiling and chattering away in Chinese. I needed to pee badly and got up and wandered around the place looking for the toilets with my robe open, dick hanging out and semen still dripping down my chest. I did not care.

Returning to my seat I looked around to see most if not all of the other men were masturbating. The older man in the chair beside me deliberately pulled his towel back to show me his penis as he stroked it. His technique was to just squeeze the head with his hand that was covered in lube. When he came he let out a loud grunt that made everybody laugh again.

I began to get hard again and taking more lube I again masturbated and ejaculated. This time I took my time and slowly stroked my penis. When I got close to coming I stopped, went soft and started again. When I came the climax came very quickly and was intense.

The two young beer girls had been standing off to one side behind me watching me the whole time. I guess they liked the size of my penis because one pointed at my penis and gave me the thumbs up sign and then with her fingers pulled back on her eyelids to exaggerate her asian features while making thumbs down.

Afterwards I got up and returned to the shower room.

Alone with hot water this time I took a long shower and after giving the key to another teenage locker-room boy, I got my clothes back, dressed and checked out.

My receipt for everything was about $35.00.

Two days later I returned to the same club with a client. He knew what to ask for and we were taken into the private massage rooms where I was worked over by two women who gave me one of the very best orgasms I have ever had; but that is another story.



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