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Early Joys

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What I learned, long ago, from the bigger guys and from my little sister.


First let me thank all you guys and especially girls and women who write about your amazing experiences! I've spent many hours riding waves of intense pleasure reading your stories about your jacking and jilling. I get hard just thinking about what you write (especially descriptions of women's self pleasuring), and can't wait to read each day's contributions. Thanks to Chris for keeping this treasure open and free. He should get a medal
Here's how one little boy found out about the joys of masturbating.
I don't claim to remember exactly when I first masturbated, but i remember playing with my little dick back when I was five or six. On hot, lazy summer afternoons my mom would fill two big steel washtubs in the back yard with cool water and let my little sister (a year younger than I) and me play naked in them when we were very young-- before I started to school. I remember staring at the little crease between her legs way back then, and feeling it get hard down there, and enjoying the little tingle. She was too little then to pay any attention to the change in my little dick, but I remember looking forward to these my first moments as a tiny voyeur. Sometimes we'd sit together in the same tub, our little crotches almost touching it was such a tight fit, and feeling the slipperiness of her wet skin as we played together.
Once, a year or two later, I remember, my penis just stayed hard after the session in the tub, and seemed hot, and it scared me. I finally ran in to my mom, who was taking a nap, and showed it to her. I wanted her to hold it, but she got a damp cloth to put over it and and told me just to lie there and it would go away. Mom was not into sex with me, and in fact put a stop to the back yard nudity after that.
By the fourth grade I was playing with myself in the bathtub indoors all the time, but already was hiding it from the rest of the family, since I understood that they didn't approve of it. I loved to rub my penis till it got hard, and then play with it and my balls. I'd rub my whole crotch with my other hand while I played with my penis and enjoy the sensations all along it, as that added to the pleasure, and especially running my fingers around my tight little ass hole. I also learned about stretching the muscles in my hips and thighs and rocking my hips, to add to the intoxicating tingle from my genitals. Mom was always calling through the door, trying to get me to hurry up and finish my bath, but I dragged it out as much as possible.
I still didn't have any orgasms, and as yet nothing came out of my dick when I played with myself But I found out about orgasms when I was age nine-- in the summer when some friends and I built a 'fort' in a vacant lot next to our house. I was just a dugout covered with some leftover building material --boards, roofing felt, etc., but it was a nice private hiding place (though quite a mess when it rained!). The fort was a magnet, and drew neighborhood kids from all around, including some older ones. The older guys would lie around in the low-ceilinged fort and tell stories about men with big dicks-- including fabulous ones several feet long. Then they would get out their dicks and start masturbating, and made us little guys get ours our or risk ridicule. Their was plenty of jeering at our little showing, but I could at least get hard and copy their motions of sliding their whole hand clasped around their big dicks, sliding them up and down.
The big guys would stroke longer and harder than I ever imagined up to then, but that was nothing to my astonishment when strings of milky white sticky stuff came erupting from their dicks after they had pumped for just ages, it seemed. They shot their loads onto the ground, or they would catch it and try to smear it on us little guys. Try as I would to match this feat, I couldn't that summer. Once my little sister and her friends came in while we were all jacking. She asked what we were doing, but the older boys told her to scram, and she left. Unfortunately, she told mom what was going on in there and she made us dismantle the fort.
It wasn't long, though, after my underground 'jacking lessons' that I learned to get my little dick really hard and to feel how much more intense the pleasure was. But it was still a surprise one day when, lying in the bathtub, I felt the smooth motion of my hands pumping on my cock and the stretching, rocking of my leg and hip muscles change and grow jerky and my breath started to come in gasps. I felt the sensation of tingling pleasure grow much stronger, and I started to spasm uncontrollably, and I lay there, splashing and thrashing as my cock shot out the first cum that ever emerged from my body. Even though I had seen it happen to others, nothing could have got me to imagine the flood of the most intense pleasure that radiated from my crotch to all over my body. I erupted string after string of cum all over my stomach, clear up to my chin! I couldn't help tasting it --not bad, I thought-- and the smearing it all over my stomach. balls, crotch, and around my ass hole. The afterglow of the stunning burst of pleasure hung on for a while, andI was in heaven.
And for the professor who is doing research on masturbation fantasies-- I was imagining the soft folds of my little sister's pussy at the time I first came, and many times afterwards, as it was for a long time the only one I had ever seen.
Having finished this little true story, it is also true that I will just keep on jacking off, as I have been doing, off and on as I wrote this. I'll imagine the women in the human sexuality class, and the professor too if she would care to join them, watch me get myself off It will be a long, slow session of slow stroking, lubed with Astroglide, watching the head of my cock grow bigger and darker red, until I can't stand the pressure building up in my balls any longer. I hope you will all enjoy pleasuring yourselves, rubbing your own soft nether folds, while my latest orgasm follows in the wake of the thousands that have preceded it. I'd love you read your stories.



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