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Packing Material

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New use for packing material!


I have been a fan of jacking off since I discovered it when I was eight. I am always horny, even now in my mid-forties and married, and always looking for a new way to masturbate. A good way to add variety to the common hand method is to hump objects, such as pillows, as many already now. One day at work I discovered a new object to use.

I was at a colleague's desk one day when I picked up one of those sealed air packing pillows that are used to protect objects during shipment. I thought this was one of the normal single pillows before I picked it up, when I realized that it was actually three, formed into a triangular shape. The pillows formed a very tight but cushioned center where objects could be placed and secured in shipment. I absent-mindedly put my hand in the center of one of these and the immediate warmth almost took my breath away. I had been talking to my colleague at the moment and I stopped mid-sentence as my mind raced to think of what my hard cock would feel like in the pillow. Of course, I couldn't do anything at the time at work but I made sure to keep an eye on the pillows and when my colleague left for the day I got all three.

Before I left the office I went to the restroom with one and tried it on my already hard cock. I discovered that I was going to need a LOT of lubrication to get my dick in the pillow and decided to try it again at home. Since I had a large erection at this time and needed to get off, I jerked my cock and imagined what it would be like in the pillow. Stroking my cock slowly I felt the precum start to roll out of the head and decided to try the pillow again. No luck, but the friction of trying to get my cock in the tight pillow brought me over the top and I shot my wad on the pillow. At this point I had enough lubrication and my cock slipped inside the pillow and the head jutted out the other side, as the pillow was only about six inches deep. It felt wonderful, just as hot as I imagined it would be, but my cock was finished for the time and was getting soft. I had to clean the pillow up and get it out of the office without anyone seeing me so I worked fast and left for home.

As I have said in some of my other stories, I love my wife dearly and love screwing her tight little pussy but she has some odd ideas about jacking off as she thinks that I am fanatizing about other women when I do. I almost always fantasize about her or simply about the way my cock looks or feels but that still doesn't make any difference to her. So, I have to wait until she is out of the house to do any masturbating that can't be done on the toilet or in the shower. Well, one day a few days later my wife left for a few hours and I saw my chance.

I got out the tube of KY jelly that I keep on hand for sex and masturbation. I have never liked lotion because it is hard to get off your hands and dick. I squirted a generous amount of KY onto my cock and into the pillow. I massaged it onto my cock and got it good and lubed and hard. A bit of precum was starting to leak out and I knew it was time to try the pillow. This particular pillow was very tight compared to the others I had but my dick slipped in easily. It was heaven and so tight and warm. The pillow was clear and I had a great view of my dick. I tried a few strokes and quickly discovered that I wouldn't last long as the sensation and the sight was almost too much to bear.

I decided that simply pumping the pillow wasn't enough and started looking around for alternatives, my dick still sandwiched in the pillow and leaking like mad. I was beside my bed and caught sight of one of my bed pillows. I quickly wrapped it around the packing pillow and my dick and stuck the loose ends between my legs and got on all fours on the bed. This was it. I could hold the bed pillow between my legs and my cock would slip easily in the packing pillow. I got up one more time to get a towel to catch the sperm and then wrapped the bed pillow around my cock again and got in position. I started slowly fucking the packing pillow, all the while imagining my wife's lovely ass and fantasizing about fucking her from behind, a position she and I both enjoy as I can see her ass and her puckered asshole as my cock goes in and out of her pussy and she can finger her clit. The packing pillow was a really close approximation of my wife's pussy at this point and I was getting really close to letting go. I started humping the pillow faster and calling my wife's name and telling her how tight her pussy was. My orgasm started in my toes and ended as a knot just above my asshole that exploded into my cock. I started shooting rope after rope of cum onto the towel under the pillow as I humped for all I was worth. After eight or nine contractions I was spent and just collapsed, my shrinking cock still inside the packing pillow.

After a while my cock slipped out of the pillow just as it does after spending inside my wife's pussy and I got up to clean things up. It was a good thing that I had gotten the towel because the KY and my sperm were pooled all over the towel. I cleaned up the pillow and put it away for another time. I had several more sessions like this before all three of the pillows I had lost their air. I haven't seen any since. If you ever get a chance to try this I highly recommend it as a fine pussy substitute.



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