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Driving Me Crazy

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I just have to share what happened to me today! It was totally unexpected and awesome! My car won't start and is in the shop so my husband got a ride to work and I used his car so that I could get to work. He has one of those vibrating back massage pads for car seats in his car. I had never used one before so I thought on the way home that I would turn it on and give it a try. It felt nice on my lower back but nothing special until I got to a stoplight. I shifted my position in the seat and felt a distinct buzzing on my pussy! I can't tell you how shocked I was!

The light turned green and I stepped on the gas but tried to remain in the same position. It is about a half hour drive from where I work to home and most of the way I was being treated to a wonderful sensation between my legs. It wasn't strong enough to get me off, but it sure did tease me without mercy. By the time I pulled into the driveway I could hardly sit still. As soon as I turned off the car I noticed I was beyond wet, I was literally drenched! My panties were sticking to my bush and I could feel my lips throbbing! I couldn't take it another second. I had to relieve the incredible tension in my cunt! I walked into the door and saw my two kids and the babysitter and make some lame excuse of having to use the bathroom really bad.

When I got in there I shut the door, pratically tore my slacks and soaked panties off, sat down on the toilet, spread my legs wide and rubbed my clit with blinding speed. I could feel the massive orgasm building stronger and stronger and approaching really fast. Now, I have been jilling since I was twelve years old but I almost never make a sound when I cum. Not even when my husband and I are making love. I have had some good orgasms in the past and the most I will do is maybe whimper as I climax. But as I'm sitting there on the toilet with my fingers circling my clit, and feeling the waves of pleasure about to erupt I heard a low grunting noise that started deep inside my throat and build into a distintive moan, 'uuuurrrrhhhhh', (was that me? I thought). It was so natural and automatic. I tried to stifle it but couldn't.

At that same moment I lost all control and shoved the first two fingers of my other hand deep inside my pussy (while still fingering my swollen clit). That was it! I lost it completely! My hips bucked forward, I felt my cunt's muscles clinch around my fingers with a death grip as my whole body shuddered and then went completely stiff! Wave after wave of hot liquid started seeping from my pussy hole, running down my hand and over my butt cheek! I got really light headed and I think my eyes may have even rolled up into my head as I felt my pussy twitch and roll into a second orgasm and I barely heard my voice going, 'mmmmmuuuuhhhh yeahhh uuuhhhhh'! As I sat there quivering I started to cum all over again. It seemed to last forever! It slowly died down and left me with the most relaxed and sastified feeling I have ever had.

This feeling was interupted by a soft knock on the door. My daughter asked, 'Mommy, are you ok?' She had heard me! I didn't know what to say, so I said the first thing that I could think of that I thought she would believe, 'Its ok honey, mommy was feeling sick and had to throw up, but I'm all better now. I'll be out soon.' (I know that's really gross but it was the only thing I could think of in that moment). I am pretty sure the babysitter knew what had really happened. She didn't say a word, but she wouldn't look at me the rest of the time she was there. Now I am embarrassed but at the same time extremely horny just by thinking about it. Lets just say that my husband will probably get attacked as soon as he gets home, and he won't know what hit him! My birthday is next month and I have a pretty good idea of what to ask for.

Have a great jilling!



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