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Watching Her Cum

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Caught her after her shower.


My boyfriend and I own and run a number of businesses. One of the main businesses is property development and we own a number of properties that we rent out. Obviously as the landlord my boyfriend looks after these properties and does any maintenance work that needs doing.

Just before Christmas one of his tenants rang and said she was having trouble with the boiler and asked if he could take a look. She said that both her and her husband would be working but he was free to let himself in whenever he wanted.

The following morning we went up and had a look. He found the problem and he asked me if I could stay and sort it out as he had to go sort something out at another property. I took the boiler apart and began to sort out the problem. As I was I heard the door open and the daughter of the family came in. She noticed me in the corner and said her mum had said we were coming round and asked if I needed anything. I said I was fine and told her I didn't realise she would be home and she said she was on holiday from college. She went about a few things and came back and asked if the hot water was on. I told her it would be in a few minutes and she said that was fine and there was no rush, she just wanted to take a shower.

I came to the source of the problem and realised I could sort it now or I could go and get a part that would fix it completely and stop the problem from occurring again. I told her what the plan was and that I would go and get the part and would come back in the afternoon. She asked if she could shower and I said I would switch the water back on till I got back so she could.

I went outside and got in my car and rang my boyfriend to let him know I would be going to get the part and he told me we had the part needed in the garage and that I could use that one. I drove home grabbed the part and came back about 15 minutes later. I went into the house and could hear music coming from upstairs. I went to the boiler to continue working then I remembered she had said she was going to shower and I didn't want to turn the hot water off if she hadn't already showered, or worse if she was in the shower.

I called upstairs but there was no response, she obviously couldn't hear me because of the music. I headed upstairs and when I got to the landing the bathroom door was open so I guessed she must have been in her room. As I got to her door it was open slightly and I went to knock but then I stopped dead in my tracks. I could see through the gap in the door and could see her laid on the bed completely naked.

Her body was wet so she had obviously just got out of the shower. I ran my eyes over her naked body. Down her wet long blonde hair which was draped over her sexy boobs. My eyes rested on her hard pointy nipples for a moment before I moved down over her tummy to the top of her legs. She had her legs closed so I couldn't see anything else.

Suddenly her hand moved up her body and she began to tease and pinch her nipples. I felt my knickers dampen as my pussy became instantly wet. Her other hand ran down and between her legs. I opened the door a little more to get a better view. She spread her legs open and I could see her finger stroking her clit. As I watched she rubbed it faster and faster. I could hear her moan and the look on her face showed how good it felt. She continued rubbing her clit and her fingers left her nipples and came down and slipped into her wet pussy. She began to finger herself, going deeper and deeper with each stroke. I couldn't believe it. I was stood watching a beautiful girl pleasure herself and the fact she didn't know I was watching made it so much better.

Her legs began to wiggle and her moans got louder. I watched as she got closer and closer to her orgasm until suddenly she shouted oh god yes and her body went into spasm and she screamed out. I thought that was it but her hand didn't stop. She continued rubbing her clit hard and fast and within minutes she had another orgasm. This one must have been better than the first because her body shook and spasmed for about five minutes afterwards.

I noticed how wet my pussy was and how much my clit was screaming for attention. I was brought back to reality when I noticed her stand up. She picked up her towels and her old clothes and put them in a pile on the floor. She went to her closet and got some new clothes out. She began to get dressed and I thought I had better move before she found me standing outside her door.

I went downstairs and outside and stood just outside the door. A couple of minutes later I heard her come downstairs and go into the kitchen. I waited a minute then went back inside. I went into the kitchen and found her sat at the table. I asked if she had showered and she said she had so I went back to work on the boiler. As I did I couldn't stop looking at her, the image of her naked body, her fingers rubbing her clit, her screams as she orgasmed, they were all etched in my mind. She said she was going out and would see me later.

I finished the job and put the boiler back together. I checked the kitchen sink taps to make sure they worked then went upstairs and checked the bathroom taps. As I did I noticed the clothes hamper in the corner. I knew I shouldn't but I was so horny I had gone past all morals. I lifted the lid and found the towels she had just put in there. I lifted them out and underneath was her clothes and most importantly, her panties.

I lifted them out and admired them, they were bright pink and the image of her in them popped into my head. I lifted them to my nose and smelled, her scent was amazing. As I smelt them my clit throbbed like mad, I knew I would have to attend to it soon. I put everything back in the basket, except her panties, I slipped them into my pocket. I packed up and locked up and went and got in my car. I slid my hand down the front of my jeans and rubbed my aching clit to stop it from throbbing.

I drove home and the moment I got there I flopped on the couch, undid my jeans and stuck my hand in my knickers and began to rub my clit. Within seconds I was on the edge of orgasm. Picturing her in my head. I took out her knickers and pressed them against my nose, inhaling her sweet heavenly aroma. As I did my pussy exploded in orgasm and squirted cum into my knickers. I kept on smelling them and had two more wonderful orgasms.

I slipped off my own cum soaked knickers and left both mine and hers on my bed and went back out to work. Later on my boyfriend found them and I told him what I had seen whilst he smelled her knickers and I rubbed his cock with mine. I have seen her a couple of times since that day and each time I get so turned on knowing she has no idea I saw her and that I have her panties in my drawer at home.



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