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Driving Back To College

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I got this brilliant idea three weeks ago. I was lying on my bed, trying to get off with my trusty vibrating best friend, but my mind kept focussing on the dread of having to drive back to college the next day. Eight hours of complete boredom. Then it hit me!

The next day, I wore a skirt and no panties, threw a towel over the seat, and stashed my vibrator (with fresh batteries) under the seat. As I headed toward the interstate, I was getting wet thinking about what I was going to do. After I left the city, the traffic was very light, when there were finally no cars around me, I found the vibrator, and turned it on. I slouched down, and slipped it in, then straightened back up. It felt so good! It got me to a plateau of pleasure, but not enough stimulation on my clit to get me off.

I decided to not touch my clit, just try and see how long I could go with it whirring away inside me. I figured I eventually would give in, and rub my clit to finally get off. (I have never been able to orgasm from just vaginal, either in sex or by myself.) I felt so dirty every time someone would pass me, and I think the smile on my face misled some of the guys that I made eye contact with. Unlike my normal masturbation, I wasn't fantasizing about being fucked or eaten out, I just thought about the pleasure I was feeling.

30 minutes into my trip, I was very proud of myself. My pussy was on fire, I was in no hurry to cum, and the trip I hated was actually fun. After about an hour, I shifted in my seat, and felt wetness on my leg. I felt the towel, and it was soaked with my juices. I ran my finger over my clit, and I swear it was harder and bigger than I could ever remember. Just touching it sent shivers down my spine, and I thought that was it, I was going to have to finally cum. I pulled my hand away, and concentrated on the road, trying not to cum, and finally I settled back into that oh so wonderful plateau. I started thinking to myself that if I kept this up for the whole trip, that when I finally gave in, I was going to have the mother of all orgasms.

At 90 minutes I felt a deep tingle in my pussy unlike I had ever felt before. I pulled over to a quiet corner of a rest-stop, and it took about a minute to build into strong tingle, and I gripped the steering wheel very hard. It kept building, and finally my pussy started to spasm on the vibrator, clenching down hard on it. That just magnified the feeling, and I began to orgasm like I have never orgasmed before. I reached my hand down and touched my clit, and it was hard and swollen and super sensitive. It only increased the incredible pulses running through my body. I swear I orgasmed for two minutes. I finally scooted down and pulled the vibrator out of my very sensitive pussy, I looked at myself in the rear view mirror, and my face, neck and chest were bright red. I was totally exhausted, but basked in that great afterglow of an orgasm, regaining my breath.

I was woken out of my stupor by a red light and siren. My heart was racing. A police officer was walking towards me. I looked over at the passenger seat, and saw my vibrator. I casually grabbed it, and slid it under my seat. My hands were trembling. He asked me if I was okay as I seemed slumped in my seat. I made up that I had dropped a cd on the floor, and had reached down to get it. he said had I been drinking. I said no, but he said my face was flushed, and my eyes dilated. He asked me to step out of the car, which I did. He looked at the towel on the seat, and the huge wet spot, and I about died. He touched it, and then sniffed his fingers. He looked at me and smiled, and said, 'Well at least it isn't alcohol, but it is intoxicating'!

He was quite amused at his double entendre, but I was absolutely devastatingly embarrassed. He bent down, ran his hand under my seat and pulled out the vibrator. He took the vibrator, my license and registration, and went back to his car. He came back, and handed my license registration. Then he gave me a lecture about doing what I was doing in public, and how dangerous it was. I was mortified. He told me he was giving me a break, but he didn't have probable cause to search my car and find my toy. I blurted out an apology, and asked if I could have it back. He looked at me, smiled again, and said only if I put it in the trunk. He went back got it and walked back to my car, holding it in his hand. A semi went by and blew his horn, and I almost died again. I popped the trunk, he put it in and slammed it shut. It took me a while to stop shaking, then I started to laugh. Figured his buddies were going to love this story.

My mind wandered as I drove along, and I started fantasizing that he took me into the woods, leaned me against a tree, hiked my skirt up and fucked me hard. As I was fantasizing, my finger was back on my clit, rubbing away. Traffic started to build, so I stopped touching myself, but kept a wild fantasy going in my head. I stopped for some gas, and stretched my legs. I opened my trunk, and grabbed the vibrator, and headed back on the road. I was so bored and so horny from my fantasy, I kept looking at the vibrator. I turned it on, and slid it back in, and the wonderful fullness and sensations came back immediately. After 30 minutes I pulled it out, determined not to get caught again. I drove thru a fast food place for dinner, and decided to eat in the car in the parking lot. There were no other cars around me, so I slid it back in, and started to eat. I ate returning to thinking about the trooper and having sex. In my fantasy, I blew him, and he ate me out. He fucked me up against the tree, then put me on the leaves, spread my legs, and fucked me hard. It was a very hot fantasy. I was rubbing my clit, eating my burger, and keeping an eye on cars entering the parking lot. True multi-tasking. My clit got hard and super sensitive, and I came again.

Relaxed, I hit the road for the final hours of the trip. Bored with about an hour to go, I thought about how great that first orgasm was, and decided fuck it, I'd do it again. I slid it in, and went back to the ecstasy of the pulsations. As I pulled on campus, I knew I was close. I parked in the far back of the lot, and leaned back and closed my eyes, I concentrated hard on the vibrations, and shortly the same deep tingle started. This time I didn't touch my clit, and the feeling gradually increased like before, then flooded me with the same awesome orgasm lasting well over a minute.

I was happy to be back at school, exhausted though from eight hours driving, and three massive orgasms.



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