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Loving My Own Feet Some More

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This one doesn't have a ton of details about me masturbating, but more about how I have been more open about showing off my feet.


I never thought that when I wrote my first story it would get so much attention, but I love that it did!

Anyway, since writing it all out I have started to come to terms with how much I actually like feet. Not to say that I tell people that I think I have a foot fetish, but when I am masturbating I have been looking at pictures of feet and videos of girls getting their toes sucked and I have to say my pussy turns into a faucet! I know exactly what kind of pleasure they are getting because I know how good it feels when I suck my own toes. On that page, I have also been doing that more often; I strip naked and lay down on my bed and start licking my feet, sucking and getting between my toes. Since I wrote that I have done it almost every night, getting my toes wet and slippery before I spread my legs and finger myself to a fantastic orgasm. Not only that, but I have also been more gutsy about how people see my bare feet. Sometimes if I am standing in a line somewhere, I will slip off my sandal and act like I am stretching out my foot and spreading my toes, but I'm actually showing off my bare sole to the person behind me, hoping that they are staring and like seeing it as much as I do.

One of the more daring things I have done was last week. My city has a 4th of July celebration at the park with rides, games, food booths, things like that. This year a friend and I decided to go to it, and like always now, I had on flip flops, as did she. When we pulled up I had a thought, and when we got out of the car I kicked mine off and tossed them into the floorboard. When I walked around she asked where my shoes went and I said I just felt like going barefoot and that she should too. At first she said no but I kept pushing her, saying how much comfier I was already and she finally pulled them off and tossed them back in the car, and the two of us walked around the park barefoot all day. I'm not going to get into every little detail of the day, but there were a few times that I noticed some guys looking down and watching our feet. I'm not sure if they were looking just because they were surprised we were barefoot or if they liked looking at our feet, but when they got caught I would spread and wiggle my toes for them, and if they were still looking I would glance back and smile at them. The best feeling though was when we walked through the grass. I loved the blades tickling my soles and poking through between my toes. I saw a few more people in bare feet at that point, a few around our age, some younger and some older, but I bet they all enjoyed the freedom of naked toes as much as I did. The whole day of doing this I had butterflies in my tummy, not just because I knew people were looking at my feet, but also because I was getting so horny from walking around barefoot in a public place. Wearing flip flops is a normal thing, but being barefoot almost has a vulnerable feeling, almost like I was doing something naughty...AND I LOVED IT. Going barefoot felt so good, I was relaxed from my head to my toes, except for my pussy which was aching for me to shove something up there. Even though I can't, I wanted to do everything barefoot from that point on; going to school, going to church, going to the store, all barefoot and free.

After the fireworks were over we retreated back to the car, and even though she put her sandals back on to drive, I kept mine off, scrunching the carpet with my toes. When we got back to the house we got to talking about the day and she said it was pretty fun going barefoot all day, but she wanted to go in and take a shower because her feet were probably filthy. I checked mine and sure enough, the soles of my feet were black as coal, and it just made me want to masturbate more. When I got in my car to go home, my pussy couldn't stand it anymore so I slid off my shorts and underwear and drove home bottomless, lightly rubbing my clit when I got the chance. When I pulled into the driveway I couldn't wait any longer; I rolled up my windows and spread my legs, shoved my finger in and out of my soaking wet vagina until I came hard and had a wet spot on my seat. I wiped off with my panties and shoved them in my shorts pocket, slipped them back on and went inside. It was pretty late but I needed a shower too, and when I got in I paid extra attention to my feet, scrubbing them clean, running the washcloth between my toes and getting the dirt from under my nails. Just from this I was feeling horny again, and after I dried off I just stayed naked and tiptoed down to my room, closed my door and masturbated again with my vibrator, my toes wiggling and curling the whole time. After I was done I just laid there staring at the ceiling, thinking about the afternoon and how I showed my dirty feet off to the whole world, and how I wanted to do it again and again. I love being barefoot!



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