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Dream Come True

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As I prepare for a new hunting season and read outdoor stories, I'm reminded of my best day hunting.


This happened last year at this time. Small game season had just opened where I live. Small game does not draw many hunters. I love this time of year just to walk in the woods and take in the glory of it all. Sometimes if there is no game I will sit in the solitude and jack off. I was lucky early this day and got two turkeys. As I prepared to take them home when I heard the unmistakable sound of a girl singing it was very soft, but getting closer. I was near the makeshift blind I had thrown together. I kicked leaves over the birds and ducked in the blind. A trained hunter would have noticed the blind, but even they would have to do a close inspection to see me in it. I was a little nervous because I did not have permission to hunt where I was hunting, it was not posted, but I know I should ask permission. Luckily my voyeuristic nature was driving me.

The girl was not a girl at all it was Mrs. M from down the road. It may have even been her property I was on. Property lines are not marked out in the woods. She was in her mid thirties. She had a jacket on and spandex pants. She had a blanket a basket and a pillow stuffed in the handle of the basket. She stopped about 10 yards from where I was concealed, just uphill from me in a natural choke point for wild life transiting to the stream below.

A suspect the view over my blind was what she was in search of, but for all the world it looked like she had set up to watch my blind, or so I could watch her.

She set out her blanket and set up a sit upon. (A simple seat with a back that one can lean back kind of like a recliner. Standard gear for a camper.) Set her lunch out and started to read a book.

The sun came out and it started getting warmer. I was glad to be in the shade of my blind on the cool ground. I had brought water along, but no lunch watching her eat was making me hungry. But there is no way I was going to come out from under cover, this babe was hot. She took off her jacket to reveal a halter top with clearly nothing underneath. She read some more and finished her lunch. From the protrusion of her nipples, her reading must have been pretty hot. Just watching her I had a hard on. I quietly unzipped my pants and made my peter more comfortable outside my pants. I squeezed my rock hard prick and fantasized about what we might do if I came out from my cover.

As time wore on the sun started beating down on Mrs. M. She removed her halter and exercise pants and lay on her belly tanning her back. Other than her thong and shoes she was buck necked. She laid on her belly, up hill. After a while I thought I sensed her humping the ground. For a while I thought it was my imagination until I saw her hand pull her panty aside and start to diddle her clit. I started wanking carefully not to make any noise. This went on for quite a while my balls were blue I needed to cum soo badly. But I knew if I was found out I would have a lot more explaining to do.

Just then she rolled over stripped off her thong and mounted the pillow she had brought along. She continued to read and she ground away on the pillow, I could not see her pussy. Her chest and face flushed. More and more her breathing started to get ragged. Finally she put the book down. She really went to town with her hands on her tits as she ground away on the pillow. She started moaning and talking under her breath. As she got closer she got more vocal. She was making enough noise at this point I felt comfortable in having a full on jerk-off. She started to cum in earnest she was screaming loud enough that she might well have been heard by any one else out this fine day. As she hit her fevered pitch, I let loose. Keeping my groans and moans to myself, was a real challenge. I came hard! It was the best cum I had had in a long time.

Mrs. M was not done she kept grinding away as she approached a second climax she leaned back and dug one hand in her cunt as she diddled her clit with the other. She screamed a low guttural scream, pulled her hand out, as she pulled out she squirted, not far, and not much, but there were definitely at least two squirts.

She continued to rub her crotch as she involuntarily convulsed over a few seconds till the after shocks wore off. I was exhausted and breathing hard. Thankfully she was too, and did not hear me. She put her thong back on and sat bare chested in the sun as she read her book. Between: the fresh air, getting up at four am, the thunderous orgasm, and a comfy pine straw bed, I fell asleep. I was woken by my own snoring. She was gone and it was well into the afternoon. I looked out, and there on a tree were her thong undies.

Did my snoring give me away? Was the thong just a flag claiming her independence. If she had heard me, did she come to see who it was? If so, why did she not wake me, if only to tell me what for? If she did check me out, did she see my cum stained pants.

I took her panties down and jacked off again smelling her sweat musk. I unloaded into them, and hung them back up a little higher in the tree.

The next day I kicked myself for not keeping such a fine trophy for future jack off sessions. So I went back out to get them, but they were gone. I was bummed until I thought maybe she came back and found them cum crusted and kept them as a trophy of her own.

This was my wildest experience ever, a voyeurs dream cum true. I wish I could repeat it, but I guess it was just a one time thing. I've seen her out and about in public and at parties. She seems to always get flushed when we talk, but maybe it's my imagination. If she weren't married...



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