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Dorm Room

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When I went off to college last Fall I was wondering what things were going to be like for me sharing a dorm room with another girl and kind of wondering if I was ever going to have the kind of privacy I had at home in my room.

When I met my roommate I was glad that she was someone I could hit it off with. We more or less kind of clicked from the start and I think it was a relief for both of us. We both admitted that we were worried about who our roommate was going to be and were relieved that it seemed like a good match.

We got settled in and over the next few weeks I found myself getting really frustrated sexually because it was so much harder to find alone time to masturbate. I was always waiting for her to leave for class or kind of get hints if she was going to be gone for a while so that I could get myself off. Needless to say I was walking around school so darn horny half the time because I wasn't getting myself off enough like I used to when I was home.

One time, I woke up in the middle of the night and was just so horny I knew I needed to do something. I looked over at my roommate and I could tell pretty much that she seemed sound asleep. The beds in our room were in opposite corners. So I decided that I could probably do what I needed to do and she likely would never know.

I just slid my hand down and started to give myself a little relief. Oh my gosh it felt so good. It reminded me of being at home in my own bed. I was so wet. It didn't take long and I knew I was getting close to an orgasm. I usually like to roll over on my stomach and kind of grind my hands into my clit when I'm ready to finish. So I slowly rolled over and tried to stay quiet and move as little as possible so that I could finish.

All of a sudden I heard 'so looks like you need it as bad as me'. OMG my roommate was up and sitting up in bed looking at me. I was so embarrassed. I rolled over and said sorry I didn't mean to wake you but I couldn't help it. I was mortified. She was pretty cool about it and said that I wasn't the only one who was frustrated about not getting enough alone time. She admitted that it was becoming a real problem for her too and was surprised I hadn't caught her doing it a few times at night. I said yea its not like being back at home. She could totally agree. We talked a little and basically both admitted that we needed more alone time and that we both masturbated quite a bit for relief. She actually said 'hey I'll tell you this, I'm not gay or anything but if you want to we could make it easier on both of us if maybe we just masturbate whenever we want and just understand that that's what we need and it doesn't have to be a big deal or embarrassing for us'. I said yea it sounds weird but I basically can't take the waiting and wondering when I'm gonna have alone time, its getting so frustrating. So she said well, 'you want to finish what you were doing and I need to do it too'.

Although weird at first I was so relieved to just have it out there in the open and know that now I could do it whenever and it was going to be no big deal. That nite Amy and I had our first masturbation session together. It was great. She stayed in her bed and I in mine and we just took care of ourselves together for the first time. We whispered to each other how good it felt and I think we could each tell how horny the other one was. We could hear each other having our orgasms and I thought it was great. After, we talked and were both so glad that now we had it out in the open and didn't have to wait for the other to leave and it freed us up to just relieve the tension whenever we needed to. We didn't start masturbating together all the time but when one of us was doing the deed it was no longer a big deal to have the other person in the room. Sometimes I would hear her and sometimes I guess she could hear me but we didn't always do it together. I often liked to masturbate in the morning when I first wake up and so did she apparently and so quite a few times we heard each other in the morning or actually just did it together. No, we never did any lesbian stuff or anything like that. It was just a way for both of us to be comfortable taking care of our needs and not having to feel embarrassed about it.



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