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Does She Masturbate?

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Thanks for all the stories!


Thanks to Solo Touch I have begun communicating my desire to my wife to see her masturbate (after 12 years). She declined, but we are communicating finally about it. I deeply hope that she will change her mind someday.

Meanwhile, I would like to request that people submit (preferably true) stories about their catching their spouses masturbating (especially husbands catching their wives). Also stories about how husbands convinced their wives to let masturbation become part of their sex lives.

They say that to get you in the mood you need to have a fantasy. I wrote this to tide me over until my wife gives in. Hope you like it.

'Sex was good,' she thought as she lay in bed. She fondly looks over at her husband sleeping next to her. He was curled up like a cat facing her side of the bed. Sex was good...but... She felt like there was something unfinished, something else left to experience. She smiled to herself. 'Do I dare,' she wondered? She looked again at her husband and cleared her throat. She cleared it again, louder. No response.

She knew if he was truly asleep, it would take a fog horn to the ear to wake him up. Still, she was taking no chances. She pulled the covers up to her knees. Her knees drew up and legs spread out, just a little bit. She didn't like to look or feel wanton. Her left hand still held her portable solitaire game just in case. She looked over again at her husband. He hasn't budged. She felt almost giddy at what she was going to do. She had a slightly guilty thought as well. My husband would die if he knew I was doing this while he was sleeping. She has never been able to overcome that silly feeling of embarassment at masturbating. Part of her upbringing, she guessed. Thus, she only did it occasionally and never with her husband's knowledge. She remembers the times she used to do it several times a month. Now, with responsibilities and motherhood, she only feels free to do it once a month or less. 'Some day,' she thought, she would tell her husband, but not today.'

She was looking excitedly forward now to her secretive act. She pulled her flannelette pyjama night shirt up exposing her pink cotton panties underneath the blanket. Her right hand wandered down her side, across her stomach, and down to the warming ache between her legs. She rested her hand there, applying gentle pressure.

She remembered the first time she had seen her husband masturbate. They were not married then and at an ocean resort hotel room. They were making love standing up in the bathroom desperately trying to be quiet. They shared the room with six other people. However, they did not have protection. After a while, he pulled out because he was concerned about his control but fortunately also after she had already had three pleasant orgasms. He grabbed his penis like a baseball bat and quickly stroked it, and five strokes later, his penis exploded cum across the room in numerous convulsions. She shrieked and laughed and branded the image in her brain for later recollections. She had masturbated several times remembering that moment.

She was beginning to feel the moisture from her excitement seeping into the cottony material of her panties. She slowly began to slide her hand and fingers up and down her panties. She never really likes direct contact on her clitoris. She always prefers rubbing against pillows or masturbating through her panties. Her fingers soon separated her lips and sought out the clitoris. With a 'come here' motion, she stroked up and down. Her breath began to quicken whenever her finger rolled over her clitoris.

The solitaire game fell from her left hand, forgotten. Her wetness was evident by sight now through her pink panties, showing up as a rouge spot. Her fingers quickened their pace. She began fantasizing with her eyes closed. Her favorite fantasy was her husband forcefully taking her from behind. Her hips lifted to meet her stroking fingers. Quicker, faster, more forceful, she stroked. Her mouth opened slightly. Breath quickened. Her hips began bouncing to meet her rubbing fingers. Then, with closed eyes and a small jerk, she came.

So much better. She looked over at her husband again he was sleeping still. She smiled, leaned over, and whispered, 'Honey, I just came.'

Maybe someday she will tell him about her masturbating habits. He certainly deserves it and she knew it was a powerful fantasy for him. Maybe, she thought as she walked into the bathroom, I'll leave these panties on the floor for him to sniff and ponder, does she masturbate?

Please send a response to the stories comment specific contribution link! Good luck to all the guys in similar situations! I feel your pain.



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