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Oh, how I LOVED my college days. I never graduated, but hey, who cares. No jobs these days anyway.


College was where I met Steve. He was older, in fact double my age, AND married. I knew the moment I saw him that I would bed him, but the first few times, he taught me that I knew nothing about masturbation.

In the bar, I flirted outrageously with him. I was doing everything I could think of to attract him. He, on the other hand was (I learned later) deliberately ignoring me, until he said, right out of the blue, 'So, tell me Jayne. Just how wet IS your cunt?' I almost fainted on the spot. Not only was he so direct, but talking dirty has always been a big turn on for me. I spread my legs. I actually sat there, in a short skirt and in a packed student bar and spread my legs for him. I knew my knickers would be visibly stained, but as far as I was concerned there was only me and him there. He looked, smiled and said 'Looks like you have pissed yourself... you dirty bitch.'

I grabbed his hand and pulled him outside and onto one of the many sports fields surrounding the bar. Behind an equipment shed I pulled him to me and kissed him. I was all for shagging him there and then up against that wall, but instead he pulled away. 'Lift your skirt' (Damn, but he had a sexy voice!) I did so, exposing my little green bikini hi-cuts to him again. 'Lean back and spread your legs.' I obeyed him instantly. He stood staring at me with a thoughtful half smile playing about his lips. Then he looked me full in the eyes. 'You dirty little cunt. You looked like you pissed yourself in the bar, so, I think it is only right you do it now.' Up to that moment, I had never even thought about peeing sexually, but I just let it go right there and then into my knickers. The effect was electric! I felt it warm me and run down my leg. When I had finished he was on me kissing me savagely and jamming his hand into my soaking wet knickers. HO-LY FU-CK-ING SHIT!!!! Did he know how to masturbate a girl! He played me literally like a musical instrument, bringing me almost off then calming me down. Up and down, so many times I lost count, and then BAAAAANNNNNNNGGG. I was over the edge and cumming like mad. And the orgasm just didn't seem to want to go away. Before I had even finished, he told me to lay on the grass and spread my legs. I was almost whimpering for his cock up me, but instead, he knelt between my legs, got his cock out and peed RIGHT onto my clit. Another earth shattering orgasm followed.

Over the next three weeks, that man did everything imaginable to me APART from fuck me. Damnit, he even TALKED me into an orgasm once! I swear, just by using his voice and talking dirty to me he made me cum.

He could make me orgasm by stroking my breasts, or fingering my ass, or my pussy, or any combination of the three! I loved jacking him off, and I particularly loved it when his cock smelt of his wife.

Two and a half years later, I was to have both him AND his wife, but Steve's masturbation of me was marvellous. I am 28 now, and suddenly, I feel the need to relive it. So I may write again and tell you what it is like to be masturbated in the Library stacks while another student watched.



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