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Detention Exhibition

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I've always read stories from this site about people masterbating in public places. While I'm not much of an exhibitionist it has been something I've wondered about. Well today I had my opportunity.

After getting into trouble with the school officials, I got a day in ISS (in school suspension). It's basically a day of detention during school hours. It kinda sucks because you can't talk or do really anything but it's not absolutly terrible either.

So in this room they kept us troublemakers in is a narrow row of desks with boards on the sides above and below the desk, in front and on top, to make sure you're focused on your work. Well this is a small room so pretty much any moving around is very noticable.

Now when I walked in I sat down next to the only girl. She was decent looking, not ugly or anything but not really the kinda of girl I'd go after. She was a little shorter than me with long brown hair. She had a decent sized bust, maybe a little bigger than average, and was wearing a low cut shirt and jacket that gave a nice view of her cleavage.

Well I spent the first part of the day working on this and that but my mind started to wander. Eventually we took a ten minute bathroom/stretching break and I struck up a conversation with this girl. We hit it off pretty good, talking about music and such, until break time was over. She sat back into her chair and bent over as she did, giving me the greatest view down her shirt. After taking in the full glance I got a little aroused and an idea.

I moved my chair all the way up to the desk and began to rub myself through my pants with my hand away from her. I left my other hand on the desk, holding a book open I pretended to read. This way I looked like I was focused and not busy beneath the desk. I felt pretty safe because I was against the wall and this girl was the only one within any threatening distance of me. The idea some girl I just met was mere inches away from me while I masturbated was such a turn on.

I took it further and slowly unzipped my pants. Slowly I pulled them down and pulled my hard cock out. I slowly stroked myself as my breathing became shallower. My cock was craving attention because of the situation but I had to keep my pace slow to avoid getting caught. After jacking off for about fifteen minutes she turned towards me and bent over to grab something out of her backpack. Amazingly she didn't notice what I was doing (at least that's how it seemed) but gave me a long, deep view down her shirt. I could clearly see her bra and the curves of each breast. I lost it right there I blew all over the underside of the desk. I bit my lip to keep from making a sound. It felt like 6 or 7 hard spurts and I was spent.

Quickly I zipped up and scooted back to prevent my cum from dripping back down onto my clothes. I went back to work with the satisfaction and disbelief of what I had just done. After about an hour or so we got another break and I talked more with this girl, even learned her name.

Later on at home I jacked off hard to what had happened. This time I imagined she knew what was going on and was watching me, bending over on purpose to let me see her beautiful tits, all the time in the back of the room, no one knowing what we were doing.

Maybe I'll see her again. Who knows if she'll ever find out what happened right next to her.



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