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Delicious Surprise

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This true story is one of my favorites. I use it often when I masturbate by myself.


A few years ago I was traveling in East Africa. I was traveling alone and spending a lot of time in the bush. It was an adventure. The people I met were beautiful and landscapes are amazing. The big animals are breath-taking. I spent several weeks backpacking, hiking, on safari and countless hours and days in four wheel drive trucks bouncing down dirt roads and forging streams and small rivers. I loved it! By the time I hit the major port city on the Indian Ocean I was exhausted. My body was sore and I thought I could sleep for the next month. I booked myself into the best five star hotel in the city for a long weekend to rest and recuperate before flying back home.

The hotel was fantastic. It was gorgeously appointed with gold threaded African textiles and large bold dark wood carvings that blended perfectly with furnishings that echoed European colonialism. The staff were incredibly welcoming, helpful and easy to smile. A perfect place to put myself back together.

The hotel had a full spa along with a fabulous pool and exercise room. Even though the temperature during the day was in the high 80’s it was sunny and dry and the afternoon always had an off shore breeze that was both relaxing and rejuvenating.

After I checked in I made an appointment for a massage the next day early in the afternoon. I knew I would sleep for hours and didn’t want to have to be anywhere too early. When I made the appointment I was assured that the spa staff was very professional and well trained. I explained that I have been traveling for weeks and that I needed to work out some muscle strain and soreness. The person taking my reservation assured me that they had the perfect practitioner. I didn’t give the massage another thought and laid down in my room and fell into a deep sleep.

At the appointed time the next day I arrived in the spa. I was lead into a small room that had open windows with large wooden slated shutters and a lazily spinning ceiling fan. I was asked in a quiet voice by the woman who lead me in to please hang my clothes there near the door and lie face down with the towel draped over me. I happily complied. Moments later I heard someone come in and a woman with a soft voice and strong accent asked how I was. I told her where I was sore and tender and that I prefer medium pressure. We promised to communicate well during the massage to ensure that my experience would be exceptional. Her touch was amazing. She seemed to know exactly what I needed.

There had been nothing sexual about the massage. I turned over and opened my eyes. She was gorgeous. I was speechless. All I could think about was how beautiful she was and how her touch transcended human touch. I spent the rest of the massage in awe. I left totally relaxed and only a little sore. As I walked past the spa desk I asked for another appointment at the same time the next day. The woman at the desk happily booked the appointment for me.

The rest of the day I swam, ate delicious food, mingled with local business people and other travelers. The whole time I was thinking about the woman who healed me today. Her voice, her touch, her knowing ease and bright soft smile. At the time I was not in a relationship. I had not touched myself in weeks during all of my traveling. I was either too tired or bunking in a village with little to no opportunity. I hadn’t been with a woman since I left for that adventure. It was at the end of a relationship that I decided to head for Africa and we had not had sex in a long time prior to my departure.

I was up early and looking forward to seeing the woman who gave me such a wonderful healing massage a day earlier. On time I was lead into a different room but with the same amenities. The fan slowing making its orbit, the distant sound of people outside in the hot sun and slight warm breeze I could feel coming through the shutter slats. The windows almost seemed to glow where the hot tropical sun was bursting through the shutter slats. The temperature was perfect; warm and maybe in the low eighties. Just right for relaxing muscles. The towel provided was a large hand towel. Maybe half the size of a full bath towel. I laid down and covered my ass with the towel and waited.

The familiar voice and gentle touch on my back was exciting. I sank into the table smiling. The young woman asked how I felt after my massage yesterday and I happily reported that I felt relaxed and cared for. She asked if there was anything different that she should do today. I only asked her to go deeper and that if it was ok could she please extend this massage. She said that she didn’t have an appointment after mine and that she would be happy to go longer. I felt myself letting go even more knowing that I had more time with this lovely woman.

The massage I received the day before was professional and therapeutic. I expected nothing more today.

She began massaging my neck, shoulders and back. As she moved lower she draped me with the small towel exposing my left ass check. She worked my calves and the back of my thighs reaching up into my crotch and then kneading my ass. She started working deeper into my crotch and ass. It felt amazing and I noticed that I was becoming aroused. She didn’t do go this deep yesterday and I trusted that she was just following my instructions. I also assumed that since she was a well-trained professional that she was working the muscles and tissue connections deeper near my anus and perineum. After all we have muscles that connect there. She then moved my towel to expose the other side while draping the area that she just finished after spending a long time kneading my ass and thigh. I noticed that I was starting, ever so slightly to raise my ass into her hand as she kneads and pushed. She would graze my ass hole and balls. I didn’t think that she was being sexual at all… it just felt so good!

After a long time she asked me to turn over while holding the small towel. As I turned over she laid the towel down over my waist and cock. She gave me some water and began working on my feet. My cock was already a little swollen but I only sank into the relaxing feeling of her caress and massage. As she moved up my right leg she commented how stiff my thigh muscles were. She kneaded and rubbed my thigh with the perfect amount of pressure moving up further into my crotch brushing my balls. I was glad that she was being so thorough but I was starting to get hard. She then moved to my next leg. This time as she moved up my thigh her hand lingered while kneading the inside of my crotch with the back of her hand pushing against my balls. My cock was growing and I felt totally relaxed and peaceful.

After a deep breath she moved to my shoulders and chest. Feeling hands work my chest and passing over my nipples I started breathing a little heavier. I was starting to feel a little embarrassed but was calmed by the thought that if she was uncomfortable she could stop. She moved down to my stomach touching me lightly. Her caress over my stomach was turned into more kneading and gentle pushing reaching down under my towel to where my torso meets my thighs and then moving her hand across my abdomen. At this point I am totally swollen, engorged. Her hand pushing across my abdomen at the base of cock was driving me crazy. The back of her hand gliding across the head of my fully erect cock. I thought for sure that she must have encountered this before and that I shouldn’t be embarrassed. After all it’s natural and she is professionally trained.

She continued to caress my stomach and massage my upper thighs brushing the head of my hard cock and dipping her hand down into my crotch where the back of her hand and fingers were caressing my balls. My breathing was starting to get heavy and I thought that if I come she will just have to accept this. I could feel my cock twitching as she would adjust the towel to keep my cock covered. Her kneading and caressing my stomach, my pubic mound without ever intentionally stimulating my cock was amazing. I had never been this hard before. So engorged. I could feel that the towel was starting to get damp from my precum. I was breathing so heavy.

Without out a word she pulled off my towel and wrapped her hand firmly around my cock. I was surprised and delighted. The warm breeze brushing over my cock and balls. I opened my eyes and saw her smiling at me as she stroked the full length of my cock. Her dark hand and fingers caressing my engorged member while my swollen pink and purple cock head twitching was a beautiful sight. As she stroked with her right hand she caressed, gently pulled and firmly held my balls. I asked here in a whisper if I could come and she smiled, nodded yes and put her index finger over her mouth to let me know to be quiet when I came.

As her fingers glided over the swollen glands of the head of my cock I reached a hand up along her leg, under her crisp hotel uniform shorts and felt and fondled her perfect ass. As I did this she spread her legs a little bit for me so I could reach around to feel her cunt. She was wearing panties that were so wet. I pushed them aside with my thumb as I caressed her swollen pussy pushing two fingers inside her. She let out a stifled gasp and began to gently grind against my hand while I stroked her inside. I could feel her pussy tightening around my fingers like a clamp. Her mouth was open. Her eyes were closed. She bit her lip. As my balls started climbing up I knew I was about to come. I told her softly that I was going to come. Before I did I could feel her grinding get harder and harder. She sucked in some air through her mouth and came – her cunt contracting around my fingers. I pumped and pumped come while her stroking was stuttered as she came on my hand. My come coated her hand and wrist and covered my chest and stomach. I eased my fingers out of her as she lay over my thighs.

We smiled big at each other and never said another word.



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