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Omg. My Sis?

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Every word is how it happened.


Six years ago, one of the most erotic moments of my life happened. And, like most of the 'best' things, it was totally unplanned. It just happened.

First was the slam of the door followed by footsteps stomping up the stairs. Then running along the landing followed by another slam of her bedroom door which did nothing to muffle the 'FUCK!' she had shouted. Then there was some crashing about, then silence. I strained hard to listen but all I could hear was sobbing and now and then her swearing.

Usually, when Anna has one of her strops everyone keeps out of her way. Trust me, you do NOT want to get in the way. I don't know why but this day, I walked slowly across the hallway to her bedroom door and listened. Looking back on it now, I think I realized there was something different in her crying. This was not blind rage, there was hurt in there too. Anyway, I pushed the door open and stuck my head around. Anna was lying on her bed in her bra and panties. She looked up and hurled a quick 'Fuck OFF!' in my direction, but there was no anger in it. I walked over to her and sat on the bed. The next thing I knew she had thrown herself into my arms and was just crying her heart out on my shoulder. I put my arms around her and just hung on. When she stopped crying, she stayed hugging me. I just said 'What happened?' It turned out that her boyfriend at the time, (who everyone thought was a total asshole) had just, literally just dumped her, and Anna had found out in the worst way possible. She had gone to his house only to find him in bed with one of her friends. Anna said 'What's wrong? Why does no-one want me?' I mumbled something about him not being worth her, (not bad for 15 huh?) but then I realised that I was getting a hard on. Talk about being shit scared. If she noticed....

As soon as I realised I was getting hard, everything changed. Suddenly, I was aware of her breasts pushing against my chest. I was aware of her body, her panties, and even her female scent. It wasn't pussy exactly, (I didn't know what that smelt like then) just female, a little sweat.. you know.

Then the worst thing happened. Anna's hand dropped from around my shoulder and touched my hard dick through my pants. Only for a microsecond, but it was enough for her to discover I had a hard on. I mumbled an apology and tried to get up, but the next thing I knew she had put her hand back and had undone my zipper. She wrapped her fingers around my dick and gently started to jack me. I didn't know what to do other than just freeze. Anna had other ideas. She reached around behind her and took off her bra and took my hand. Then she placed it on one of her small but perfect breasts. She took my other hand and put it between her legs. I remember the dampness and suddenly the scent which was pure pussy. She carried on jacking me real slow. After a few more minutes, she moved my hand inside her panties. I remember thinking how strange it was that she hadn't grown hair there yet. (DUH... I didn't know that girls shaved back then) Then she pressed my finger inside her. Her jacking became more urgent and after she showed me what rhythm she liked I felt myself getting close. She leaned her head on my shoulder and said 'Be rougher with me' I started to jam my finger in and out real hard and she bucked her hips against me. Suddenly she said 'OH FUCK Mickey, I'm gonna cum' I remember feeling the squeezing inside her and my hand filling up with wetness. Then I knew I was gonna cum too so I said 'Me too'. Anna leaned forward. I don't think I am allowed to say where she made me cum, but I think you can guess.

After, we just held each other and she told me how much she needed that, but that it wouldn't go any further.

Well, over the next 18 months or so we did repeat it, and, I have to say, we did a lot more besides that. Then she found another guy and I found a girlfriend and it kinda stopped.

I do still cum into her panties from time to time though... AND I put them under her pillow.



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