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Daddy's Girl

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I'm thrilled to have a forum to share my early sexual experiences and I love reading how others discovered the pleasures of their bodies. I would like to see more stories about the sexual tension between fathers and adolescent daughters because I know my experience is not unique.


Growing up I was always very close to my father. He was a big, friendly, fun-loving guy and he showered me with affection. I was an only child and very much Daddy's girl. Unlike my mother, he always made time for me, even when he was tired from a long day of work. When I was little I'd jump on him as soon as he came through the door. He gave me piggy back rides and tickled me until I squealed with delight. As I got older I tickled him back and we fell into a nightly ritual of wrestling on the family room floor.

When I was around eleven I started developing serious breasts and my mother insisted that our horseplay stop. I really enjoyed this way of bonding with my father and I was not ready to give it up. I protested that my mother was dirty-minded and jealous, but my father said we should not get carried away in front of her. My father and I remained physically affectionate but he saved the wrestling matches for the times that my mother was out of the house.

By the time I was twelve I had full D-cup breasts and I was well aware of the effect my body had on men. Sometimes when my father tickled me his hands brushed against my breasts, there was really no way to avoid them. A little jolt of electricity went through my body whenever he touched me this way. I soon became aware that my father was also becoming stimulated from our horseplay. His face would flush, his breathing became heavier, and sometimes I felt a hardness jab against my leg. During these play sessions my father always surrendered before I did, then headed directly for the bathroom. Only later did I realize he was going there to masturbate.

One summer night, just after my thirteenth birthday, my mother went out to visit my aunt. My father was in the family room, dressed in his cotton pyjamas and watching TV. I took a shower and put on the adorable new baby doll pyjamas I had received for my birthday. I walked into the family room and my father looked at me in a way that made me feel sexy and grown up. I sat down across from him and we watched TV for a while. The program we were watching was rather silly and we laughed together at the corny jokes. I was feeling very comfortable with my father and I spontaneously jumped up and began to tickle him. He tickled me back more aggressively than usual and we began to tussle on the couch. This time neither of us was willing to give up first and we rolled right onto the carpet.

During the course of this tickling match my father accidentally groped my breasts several times. I knew he was getting excited and it gave me a strong feeling of power and pride. I pinned him on his back, rolled on top of him, and pressed his shoulders to the floor. Laughing, I held him there and pushed myself back to say 'Gotcha!' But the second I looked at him there was a pained expression on his face. I thought I might have hurt him but he smiled softly and said, 'Don't move.' At that instant I became aware of his rapidly growing erection pressing against my belly.

The whole front of my pyjama top was hanging open and my bare breasts were fully exposed to my father's eyes. He stared openly at my chest while grabbing my hips with his hands and pulling me closer to his body. His rock hard penis jammed into my soft tummy but neither of us moved. I held myself up in that position with my heavy breasts hanging right in front of his face. He looked at me with unmasked desire, then closed his eyes and groaned while his erection twitched. I was both stunned and thrilled when I felt his wetness seep through his pyjamas and mine.

After a moment he got up and apologized for making a mess of my new baby dolls. He said we should both change and he went upstairs for a shower. When I got to my room and removed my pyjamas I discovered the bottoms were thoroughly soaked from my own arousal. Desperate for relief I balled up my bedding and straddled the lumpy heap. I squeezed hard on my swollen nipples and thought of everything that had just happened as I rocked back and forth until my body exploded in orgasm. When I was finished I changed into regular pyjamas and settled back down in front of the TV just as my mother arrived home.



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