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Daddy and Me

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I can relate to Cara, the author of 'Daddy's Girl' on April 27th. Share your experiences girls!!


Like her, I am also an only child and my parents always say I was a definate daddy's girl right from when I was born.

When I was around three years old, I would sit in my little chair by the window and watch for dad to come home from work. I always laughed because he'd stand outside and make funny faces at me, well that's according to what my mom tells me now anyway.

One of the games that daddy and I used to play was he'd lay on the floor in the living room and pretend to be asleep and I would crawl over to him and try to sit on him or tickle him. But everytime, he'd grab me and tickle me till I laughed so hard.

Well, this went on for a few years. It was just a way for daddy to spend time with me since he was always at work. Even when I was in school, daddy and I still played our little game everyday while mom was making supper for us.

I was one of those rare girls out there who 'developed' early. I had small breasts and even some pubes by the time I was ten years old.

Mom thought we should stop playing, sighting the reasons of harmless play may bring on more sexual touches. Dad just laughed and said something like 'I'd never do anything like that.' We did stop for a brief time though and just jokingly tickled each other the odd time. However, neither of us really wanted to stop our play time and we started again. Usually doing it when mom wasn't home.

Each time we played, I always found dad looking at my new breasts and seemed to admire them. Once in a while he'd touch them accidentally. We'd laugh at this and also the fact that I felt his hard boner jab me in the thigh sometimes too.

By the time I was eleven, my breasts had grown a little more and filled out, plus I got my period too. Now, I sometimes just wore a t-shirt and panties to bed or pyjamas. One of my cousin's gave me a pair of pj's with Mickey Mouse on them. They were the kind that had the button up top and shorts style pants. Anyway one Saturday morning I was in the living room laying on the floor watching cartoons and my dad snook up behind me and tickled my feet.

Usually that bothers me a lot (I am very ticklish normally) but not this time. I just giggled a bit and said something like 'oh daddy stop it' or something. Well, he didn't and the more he'd tickle me, the more I'd reach back and tickle him. This lead onto us wrestling and he rolled on top of me and pinned me to the ground and seemed to stare at my small pj top covered boobs for a long time. I used this move which one of my cousins showed me and we basically rolled in a ball and I ended up on the top.

Dad grabbed me and pulled me closer to him and I was able to see that he was looking down my top at my bare breasts. I wasn't and still am not sure but I could swear I even saw him lick his lips. Anyhow, I tickled his stomach and teased him by gently pulling on the hair on his chest also. He laughed and I felt him reach around me and he seemed to pull me closer to him tighter than before. At that point I was able to feel his hardon hit me right on my stomach just above my pubes. Oh my the shock that sent through my body, WOW. I never told him that, but for an eleven-year-old, it was a wonderful feeling.

We played around and wrestled some more in that position. After a while his face got red and he made this funny grunting sound and the next thing I knew I felt a wetness on my pj shorts. When I got up, sure enough, there was a huge wet spot on them and that's when I saw he had a wet spot on his shorts that was even bigger.

He got up and said something like 'oops, sorry for that. Better change before your mom sees.' I did and he had a shower because he had to work later that day.

When mom got home, she allowed me to go out for a while with one of my cousins. Sarah (14) and I went for a bike ride and were at the park on the swings and it came up about what had happened with me and dad. I even told her about feeling the sticky stuff and the wetspot it caused.

She explained all about boys and why they sometimes have that sticky stuff 'cum' come out and even said someday you will to, it's just a little different than what boys do. I masturbate now and can feel some liquid come out of me.

That night when I was getting into bed, my dad came in and told me I couldn't ever tell mom about how we still 'wrestle' or what happened that day. I told him I never would and asked him if he came when he made that funny sound. He said he had and that one day I'd learn how to play on my own.

Over the next year or so I had tried a few times to do masturbation type things that Sarah had told me about. But it wasn't until I was thirteen and she was fifteen, that after she showed me while on a camping trip with our families that I had a real orgasm, and we even felt each other up and jilled each other a few times.

But, I will never forget all those 'daddy and me' play times and even now many years later, and my parents being divorced, I can still recall those times and enjoy masturbating to the fond memories.

Whoever said daddy's don't have fun!

Thanks for listening!



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