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Cummin in my Panties

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I started to masturbate when I was 13. Being naked with my legs spread felt um rude, and rocking my hips felt delicious. But for me, this was and remains the best.....


I suppose from the first moment that I became aware of sexual feelings, from the gentle pulsing of my clit to the wetness that would make my panties damp and smell musky I have always loved the feeling of wet panties to some extent.

But its more than that. For example, on a hot summer's day, if I wear a short dress, the mere thought that the only thing between my pussy and the world is a thin layer of cotton is amazing. This of course led to me sitting on benches, and on grass in a slightly less than delicate way so my panties could be seen.

Whoever looked up my dress - omg - they would almost see my pussy covered only by that thin and rapidly dampening cotton.

That is, I think why I love actually masturbating in my panties. I love cumming in them, and since I am, well, maybe not a squirter like you sometimes see in porn on the internet (although I don't believe that they ARE squirting for real, I think most pee.) I do have this thing when I cum and a welt of liquid rushes out of me. Not a squirty jet, but oh, its hard to describe ...ummm... imagine knocking a bottle of baby oil over and snatching it upright again - well, its like that.

So the very first time I masturbated outdoors, (I was 18) and in a public place AND in my panties almost made me faint with delight.

I was feeling horny of course, that's why I went there. It was a lovely park near where I live, and I had sat with my back against a tree on a slight hill where I could see around me. Some people were sitting in the sun a little way from me - a family, I think because there were four of them, two children.

I pretended to read my book and sat with my knees up and ankles apart. I knew my crotch was exposed. From time to time, the man would look over in my direction. I felt that familiar throb and the wetness start.

Almost casually, I let a hand flop to the grass, and equally casually, I let my fingers rub my ass. Then, I pulled my dress up at the front, moved my hand so it covered my crotch. That's when I started to openly masturbate through my panties.

The guy kept looking over, but soon turned on his tummy so he could see me all the time. I liked to think he was hard as well. I kept stroking my panties and I could feel the slickness on them.

My breathing was so deep I was almost hyperventilating. It was truly an erotic high. I held my orgasm at bay, while my mind wandered to the man and his unsuspecting wife. I imagined how horny he must be feeling right now - he could not have had any doubt what I was doing. Was he imagining fucking me, or was he thinking about how he could do his wife, maybe here, maybe right now?

I began to think about them. Him pulling her into the trees, pushing her up against them, pulling her panties aside and entering her from behind. Her gripping the tree as he pounded her, savagely, crudely, caring nothing other than for his cum. How maybe she would fantasize and imagine she was being fucked from behind by a stranger - at first she didn't like it, but then her feelings got the better of her and she urged her stranger on.

As my fantasy developed, I remember wondering about her. Was she shaved (as me and most of the girls I knew were) or natural? Did she masturbate? Did she like it rough? (In my fantasies, sex was always torrid - rough - no soft sweet romance for me. I didn't want love making - at that age I wanted fucking!)

I imagined her watching her husband fuck me and then masturbate as he got closer. In my mind, she was watching his cock stretch me apart and then hold perfectly still as he jetted his cum inside me.

At that moment, in that park, against that tree, I came and flooded my panties.

He knew, I think because shortly after, he lay his head down on the grass - I think he knew the show was over.

I sat for a while soaked through, smelling that lovely musky, raunchy, smell of, well, cunt.

After a while, I got up and began the walk home. I swear, I could smell myself with every step. I didn't pass too many people, but I wondered if they could smell the freshly cummed pussy of a teenager.

By the time I got home I was ready again and jilled another orgasm off - still in my panties but this time standing up. (Another first). That orgasm felt very different and my legs almost gave way.

Well, I am still a virgin - I don't have any strong desire not to be, but if the opportunity came along I would go for it. I'm not overly pretty - certainly not someone who you would stare at in a crowd. I'm just me. I love the way I can make my body feel, and like most people who don't fuck at the first opportunity, since masturbation is what I have right now, I have become really good at it.

The most powerful tool is not a vibrator, or even my fingers, it is my mind. I can bring myself almost to the point of cumming just by imagining things. Then sometimes, a simple squeeze of my thighs and it gets me off.

I have lesbian fantasies too, one of them based on if not an all-the-way experience, then something erotic that happened when I was 16.



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