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Cum Loving Little Sister & My Friend

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My younger sister's need for cum was greater than I knew or could then understand.


At the time I didn't think of my little sister as anything but, well, my little sister. The fact that she had on numerous occasions feasted on my cum was a detail that I just hadn't worked around to reconciling. That would be years later and only after many dozens of incidents involving my sister, myself and numerous others.

Back then when I was 15 and she was still 13, we were just brother and sister with a secret. She would jack me off expertly, her long brownish blond hair pulled back (I now know for my viewing pleasure) taking her own sweet time, letting me get the most out of the experience before bringing me off, letting me shoot, more often than not, into her mouth and at least a little bit onto her face.

You might be wondering how it was that it never went any further than her masturbating me, and to be honest, it did eventually go further, but at the time, she used her hands and never touched me with her mouth. As you'd guess, I'd thrust myself forward in hopes that she might let me slide deep into her mouth, that her regular handjobs would become regular blowjobs, something I dreamed about, but for many years, it never happened. She never denied me, per se. She was just remarkably skilled at controlling the action, turning, for instance, my thrusts into part of her technique. It was all done lovingly. She just wasn't going to blow me, though she clearly understood how much I wanted it.

One thing she did do at one point was start to kiss me, afterward. Even that, she orchestrated to a tee. The first few times, like the time in the hotel in New Mexico, she just gave me a little taste, as though it were an oversight. But soon there was deeper kissing, more tongue and more cum. Before too long I grew to like, okay, love the taste of it myself. At the time I never wondered if she were trying to 'turn' me, but now it's pretty obvious that she was. More on that some other time.

It was during one of our making out afterglow sessions, lying together, me naked, her fully clothed on the couch, exchanging deep, wet cum-filled kisses, that she asked me a question that took me aback.

'David, have you ever seen Joe naked?'

Joe was my best friend, and yes, I had seen him naked, I told her.

'Have you ever,' she continued her inquiry, 'seen him hard?'

I hadn't, though the way she was asking made me wish I had.

That was all she said that day.

A few days later she came right out with it. We were not doing anything sexual, just watching TV or listening to records or something.

'David, remember when I asked about Joe?' she said, picking up the thread from days ago. I hadn't forgotten.

'I'd really like to . . . you know. With him.'

' 'Like to . . . ' what,' I teased.

'I'd like to taste him,' she replied, looking me straight in the eye. 'I want to do that with him. Is that okay with you?'

Instantly, the image of my little sister jerking my friend off into her mouth filled my mind's eye. The answer, I knew immediately, was that it was more than okay.

'I want to watch,' I set my condition.

For once my sister was taken aback. Without breaking eye contact, she set herself, clearly thought about it and responded. 'I think we can work that out.'


A few days later I was in Sis's closet watching Joe, who had, I presume based on our plan, just been told by Sis that I wasn't home yet but to come in and wait for me here. Why he needed to wait in Sis's room I never found out, but she had her ways. That much I knew.

Joe was a very good looking guy, better looking than me, a tall, smart, easy-going surfer type with a quick smile and a kind of charisma that attracted the prettiest girls with a single glance.

But he was out of his league with my sister. Sis started making small talk and worked it around to wondering if he'd be kind enough to weigh in one which bathing suit flattered her the best, which led to her modeling for him-he was admonished to close his eyes while she changed (out of my line of sight, I was sad but not surprised to see-I still hadn't seen sis naked). Her choice of suits-there were 3-grew increasingly more daring, and the in the end she was clearly doing a sexy show for him. He was eating it up.

From my hiding place, looking straight at Joe sitting on Sis's bed, she approached, topless, though I could only see her back. She went on tiptoe, kissed Joe lightly, which led to them kissing deeply.

Without saying a word, she unbuckled Joe's wide leather hippie belt, unbuttoned his brown cords, and pulled down his pants and underwear in one fell swoop, popped off his sneakers and pulled stripped Joe clean from the waist down. She was good.

While I still couldn't see Sis's tits, she set it up so I could see Joe's cock, and it was remarkable, huge, thick and, dare I say it, delicious looking.

While I watched, Sis went to her knees before him and started to stroke his meat. From this vantage point I could for once, I discovered, see some of the techniques that Sis had used on me but kept hidden. I noted, for example, how she slathered his cock in her own spit while she twisted her hand up and down his cock, lubed to perfection.

Before too long, Joe let his head fall backward, his eyes closed and Sis stared using two hands on his cock, clearly working to bring him off without the extended action that our encounters invariably had.

Then, as she jacked him double handed and his hips began to buck, she said, 'Hey, pay attention, I want you to watch this.' I knew instinctively that she was saying it to both of us.

Seconds later, Joe was coming hard, and sis was jacking him expertly into her mouth. It was hard to tell from where I was looking, but it sure seemed as though he gave her a sizable treat. I could hear as he did, I could hear Sis's distinctive, guttural moan. Standing there, amidst Sis's blouses, I was so fucking hard I thought I might come soon without having laid a hand on myself.

Soon after they were done, Sis shooed Joe away, telling him to hurry and get cleaned up in the bathroom before I got home.

She followed him to her door, clicked the lock, and came back my way.

Holding one arm over her breasts, she used the other arm to open the closet door. She looked at me and I started to speak. With a single finger, she shushed me, and dropping her arms drew me into a kiss, a kiss filled with my best friend's sticky cum.

As we sucked each others impossibly wet tongues and mashed our mouths in passion, Sis reached down, grabbed my cock through my pants and stroked three times. I gushed, spasm after spasm filling my shorts.

I was still reeling in aftershock when Sis reached down the front of my pants, drew out a handful of my cum and licked a huge dollop of it off her hand. She leaned in for one more kiss, then turned, threw on her tee shirt and jeans and went back out to her guest.

After sneaking into my room for a fresh pair of jeans, I slipped out the back, announcing my arrival at the front door only several minutes later.

Joe didn't say a word to me about what happened. At least not that day.



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