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Cousin and I

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This is a true story that happened to me several years ago.


I was about twenty-three years old and home from the navy on leave for a couple of weeks. My family lived in northern Indiana and I was permenantly stationed in sunny Florida. I'd been in the Navy about two years and hadn't been home for a visit in over a year. When I got home I found that my mom's twin sister had moved into a small house a few miles down the road from where my parents lived. My mom and her sister had always been close so naturally me and my cousins grew pretty close as young children as well.

Once we reached our teen years we didn't spend much time together and sort of lost touch with each other. At nineteen, I had joined the military, left home and due to my own laziness about writing letters almost lost touch with everyone buy my mom and dad. I had been away from home for a couple of years, and hadn't really seen my cousins since I turned about sixteen.

One afternoon, on about the tenth day of my visit home, mom received a phone call from my aunt stating that my cousin Caryn, would need a ride home from work that evening, and asked if it would be possible for me to pick her up. After several days of just hanging out around the house, and just looking for an excuse to get out and do something, I happily volunteered.

Caryn was working as a waitress at a small diner just off of the highway several miles from where we lived. She was now about nineteen years old, still living at home with my aunt, didn't have a car, and as far as I knew, seemed to be an okay sort of cousin. Normally her mom drove her back and forth to work, but for some reason wouldn't be able to pick her up this particular evening. I agreed that I would pick her up at the end of her shift and then bring her home.

That evening, I left the house plenty early as I was really looking forward to getting out. I thought that I'd arrive early so I could sit at the diner, drink a couple cups of coffee and catch up on what my cousin had been up to for the past several years.

Upon arriving at the diner, I immediately recognized Caryn, but was taken aback at how much she'd grown up since I last saw her. She had shoulder length, reddish-blonde hair, a slim waist, and looked to be put together very well. She had nice large rounded breasts, and a cute round ass, all of which was being hugged tightly by her cute little waitress uniform. I took a seat at a booth farthest away from the door and waited for her to see me and take my order. As I watched her, I started to wonder why she wasn't dating anyone. She was definitely cute, and I couldn't imagine why she didn't have a long string of boys just waiting for the opportunity to give her a ride home.

The diner was pretty quiet and she looked to be the only waitress on duty at the time. As soon as she recognized me she hurried over to my booth and filled my cup with coffee. Then she sat down in the booth across the table from me and we started chatting about what we had been up to. She still had about a half hour before her relief showed up, so we had plenty of time to talk. I asked her about boyfriends and she responded that she wasn't currently with anyone, as she had gotten tired of playing games with boys her own age, and was more interested in meeting someone a little more mature. Additionally, with her mom out of work she was pulling all of the hours the manager of the diner would let her work so she could help her mom out. With the additional work, and help her mom, she hadn't had time to fuss with a boyfriend for several months.

At some point the topic turned to the fact that she had never seen a pornographic movie but was curious about what they were about. Knowing that I had nothing to do that evening and also knowing that the local drive-in was showing X-rated movies I suggested that after her shift, we go and check one out. 'With you? My cousin?' she asked blushing. 'Sure, why not?' I replied.

After a couple of minutes of me badgering her, she finally agreed and said that she'd go with me, but said that she still felt weird about going to a X-rated movie with her cousin. I stated that I felt a little weird myself but it was better than going alone. She agreed and after her shift we jumped into the car and headed for the drive-in.

It was plenty dark by the time we arrived at the drive-in and one of the movies had already started to play. Typical of drive-ins, they normally have at least a couple of movies playing on any given evening and then they will often replay them a second time for all of the late movie goers.

I drove into the parking lot and looked for a spot that was not surrounded by other cars. Finding a good location towards the middle of the lot with no other cars parked to close I pulled into the spot and turned off the engine. Next, I adjusted the radio so that the audio would come through the cars speakers and then we adjusted our seats so that we could sit comfortably and watch what was happening on the screen. As we had arrived after the first movie was in progress, the actors on the screen were already well into the sex scenes. There was a guy thrusting his huge cock into a dark haired, large breasted women's pussy while she in turn sucking on another guys huge dick. They sounded as though they were all enjoying what was happening as there was much moaning and groaning coming through the car speakers.

After about five or six minutes of intently watching the screen, I noticed that my own cock was starting to get rigid in my shorts, and I was forced to sit up a little and re-adjust myself so that I could continue to sit comfortably. Caryn noticed my discomfort and started to giggle. I asked her what was so funny and she commented on how all the sex and nakedness on the screen must be getting to me. I replied that it might be having a little effect on me, and asked if she was feeling anything? She looked over at me a said that she wasn't sure if it was the big dicks she was seeing on the screen or the big bulge in my shorts, that was getting her all wet.

Her comment resulted in my cock swelling to almost its full capacity and even though I had just re-adjusted myself it was getting more and more difficult to sit with an erection pressing against the front of my shorts. Her next comment took me by surprise. 'Maybe you should undo your shorts and let that monster free', she said laughing. Thinking that she was only giving me a hard time as cousins will often do, I decided to call her bluff and replied back, 'Well maybe I will'. And with that I undid the button and pulled the zipper down on the front of my shorts.

As soon as the front of my shorts opened up, my now fully erect penis leaped into view. I looked over at her to see if she was looking and noticed that her eyes were glued to my rock hard cock. I could also see that her nipples looked like little pencil erasers under her uniform, and her tongue darted out across her lips hungrily. I asked her, 'Well do you like what you see?', as I slowly started to stroke my cock in front of her. Maybe you should shed your panties and take care of yourself as well', I said taunting her. Not wanting to be out done, she quickly pulled up her skirt to her waist and grabbed the elastic on her panties and pulled them down to her ankles. Next she spread her legs and started to run her fingers through her neatly trimmed pubic hair until they reached the puffy little lips of her pussy. I was in heaven and could hardly take my eyes off of her running her fingers down into her moist little slit. She looked at me and grinned and asked 'So? Are you happy now?'

Watching her rub herself off, and seeing her perfect little pussy in the dim light, all I could think about was how much I wanted to feel her wet little pussy myself. I moved my hand from my cock and slid it up her thigh until my hand met hers moving in and out of her wet little hole. She didn't seem to mind as my hand replaced hers, so I took over and slipped my middle finger into her tight little hole while rubbing her clit with my thumb. She started to breathing heavier and I suggested that she do me as well. She moved her hand over to my throbbing cock and started to slowly slide it up and down my shaft. I've never claimed to be large in the cock department, but when she took hold of it she made the comment 'Wow! Your cock is really thick! It's much thicker than the last guy I jerked off.' I was beaming, and made the comment to her 'Yeah, just imagine what this would feel like sliding in and out of you pussy.' 'I have been since I first saw that bulge in your shorts' she replied.

With that we just sort of sat back and slowly masturbated each other while watching the movie. After a few minutes she started to rock her hips up and down while moaning softly each time my finger moved in and out of her sweet wet pussy. I looked over at her and I could see that her eyes were now closed, so I slipped an extra finger into her hole. This caused her to move and gyrate her hips more than before. At some point I notice that she was just barely moving her hand up and down my shaft, so I slipped my free hand over her's and help move her hand up and down a little faster. Soon I could feel her pussy pulsing and sucking at my fingers deep within her. 'Oh shit!, Oh shit!' she suddenly burst out and I knew that she was starting to reach her orgasm. Her legs started to buck up and down and she was fucking my fingers hard as she slammed her hips up and down against my hand. At the same time I could feel the jism within me heading up the shaft of my dick and within a couple of strokes a several huge strings of semen shot out of the end of my cock and landed high up on my chest and stomach.

After our mutual orgasms, we both sat and slowly stroked each other for several minutes. Suddenly she leaned over and kissed me on the cheek, and said 'Thanks. I really needed that. It's been awhile since I've been able to get off.' I replied, 'No problem, anytime.' And with that we left the drive-in and I drove her home.

I didn't get a chance to see her during the rest of my visit, and in a few days I left to report back for duty. It's been so many years since I've seen her, but this is still one of my favorite memories and reliving it never fails to bring me to a quick and heavy orgasm even after all of these years.



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