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Me and My Cousin

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I've never been very close to my female cousin, but I have always found her attractive.I've never really thought of her sexually except for this time.

Our family's were together for the whole day at her house and our parents decided to go to the casino for the whole day. We were fine with that as she had a swimming pool in her backyard that we would use.

For her age she is very fit and beautiful. She is quite toned and sexy to be honest. I'm an average guy, not too built though. So once our parents left we decided to go swimming. We were in separate rooms to change and when we went outside we jumped in. We swam for a few hours then started to get tired and sat on the pool stairs still with water just above our waists. We started talking about school and stuff, then how many boyfriends/girlfriends we have had. This was mainly just a friendly casual conversation until she asked if I have ever done anything sexual with anyone.

I'm an average guy, however I have never done anything with anyone before. I was a little nervous about the topic and stated to get a boner but I easily hid it by changing my sitting position. I told her the truth and asked her the same question and she had the same answer. She then asked me if I masturbate. I was getting a little excited at this point but tried to hide it. To this question I also answered truthfully and said that I do almost every day and then asked her that question. She said she has only done it a few times but never had an orgasm.

This got me a little excited again knowing more about her sexually. She asked if we could maybe try some stuff together to experiment and practice for when we start dating. She sounded a little shy and nervous but I happily said yes.

She was happy that I said yes and without hesitation we leaned in and started making out. By this time I had a raging boner and was also seeing her in a bikini still wet and she had nicely developed breasts. We made out for a few minutes and then I reached behind her and undid her bikini top and watched it fall and watched her boobs fall out which looked amazing.

I was so horny and figured she was too. I started rubbing her boobs with my hands as we were still making out. This is the first time either of us have ever kissed someone. At this time I didn't care if she saw that I had a boner since I thought she would figure I'd have one.

She reached down and grabbed onto my dick over my bathing suit which felt amazing already. I reached over and put my hand onto her vaj over her bikini bottom. I was so excited to be putting my hand there. I saw she liked holding my dick so I pulled off my bathing suit and let it float in the water with her bikini top. I stretched out my legs a bit showing off my uncut fully hard dick with a thick bush of pubes around it. It's not huge but I don't care.

I told her to touch it and she did happily. She started rubbing it and stroking it slowly with one hand and stated rubbing my balls with my other hand. It felt amazing to have someone else touching me down there. She then removed her bikini bottom allowing me to see her vaj with a small amount of pubes right above. I also thought it was amazing to see her vagina up close like this.

I reached over and started rubbing her pussy and she looked like it felt great. She was moaning a little which turned me on. She continued slowly stroking my dick until I told her to go faster and when she did it felt awesome. Within a minute I started moaning a little bit and had the most amazing orgasm of my life and shot over 6 ropes of cum into the water in front of me, on her hands, an on her belly. she said she loved seeing me cum but wanted me to return the feeling. My heart was still racing from her jacking me off but it turned me on more just thinking about doing it to her.

I moved my hand down and started rubbing her and fingering her pretty fast and she was moaning kind of loud and was thrusting her hips a little. I rubbed her even faster until she let out a loud moan and was amazed that I gave her her very first orgasm. I was raging hard again by this point and she jacked me off a few more times that day.

To this day whenever we get together (which we try to do often) we try to get alone time to jack each other off and do more things, which isn't for here...



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