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Continuous Diddling

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I've sent in a lot of stories previously and this is another story about my recent weekend. The man I was seeing and I decided to call it quits. Had absolutely nothing to do with our sex life or the fact I've been playing with my female friend. I never did tell him about that. It was a bit sad for me that we ended the relationship and I was not myself. I was just going through the motions of work and kids and nothing much else. Finally one night about 2 weeks after our initial split I suddenly felt that familiar urge and a tingle between my legs. What brought it on I don't know, just hit me while I was cleaning one day. The urge got stronger and stronger until I realized I had to stop cleaning and take matters into my own hands. It had been 2 weeks since I'd had an orgasm, longer than that since I'd been with my old flame and even longer than that since I played with my friend as she's been away for a long time on business again. At first I felt a bit sad. I always masturbated but as an aside to sex with another. Now it seemed it was all I had. Then I thought about it and said to myself, wow, this could be a good thing. No one to worry about but me. I was home alone and had 2 hours before the kids would be back. So, I got naked, collected my toys and laid on my bed for a session. I realized, I could do whatever I want, for as long as I want, at the speed I want, in the position I want and make as much noise as I want without worrying about anyone else. Sometimes when I would masturbate with my guy, he would get very excited watching me. When he'd penetrate me, him standing at the edge of the bed, me lying on my back on the bed, he'd pump while I continued to play with my clit with my finger. As I would get more excited so would he and as I moved my finger faster sometimes he couldn't control it. He'd come in me just as I was getting almost there and he'd come and go soft and pull out leaving me to have my orgasm without penetration. I like to have my vagina spasm tight around something as I come so that bothered me. I eventually got him to finger me quickly when that would happen to him so that at least I could come while being pumped hard. But now, I had no worries. No one to instruct, tell to go faster, deeper, harder. It was all about me. I started off spreading my legs wide, knees bent, feet flat on the bed. I spread them as wide as they could go opening up my lips wide. I gently traced the tip of my pointer finger up and down inside the slit. MMMMMM, it felt so good, I hadn't been touched in so long. I spread my legs out flat on the bed and with my lips wrapped tight around the tip of my finger, I started making lil circles inside the lips. It was feeling incredible and I was getting very wet. So wet that as I moved my finger I was hearing a squishing noise. I continued to rub inside the lips then moved my finger up directly on top of my throbbing clit. OHHHHHHHHH, I moaned loud and bucked my hips at the touch, tensing my legs and arching my back. I was so excited I could not stop. I came hard rubbing my clit with my finger. I laid there, still with my finger on my clit, slowly massaging it. That first orgasm took only about 10 minutes of playing. I continued to gently massage my clit with a very light touch with just the very tip of my pointer finger, making tiny little circles over it. I continued this way for about a half hour, it was so relaxing and the waves of pleasure was easing all the built up tension. Finally I started to move my finger a little faster and then faster. I stopped after a while and got out my lube and lubed up my vibrator. I didn't turn it on but slid it into me. Then I took my other vibrator, put it on low, placed it between my lips and put a pillow between my legs. I rolled onto my belly and gently humped the pillow. OH, it was so good. I wanted to enjoy the vibrations for a long time so I kept the vibe on low and humped slowly. This caused the vibe inside me to gently pump in and out. It was so good that at one point I just laid my head on he pillow and stopped humping. I dozed off with the vibe deep inside me and the other one on low, still on my clit. I must have dozed for a while this way. When I woke, I looked at the clock and realized, I only had 20 minutes till the kids got back. Time for some serious self fucking. I reached down and turned the vibe inside me on and up high and the one on my clit up to high. Then I leaned up on my elbows and wildly humped my pillow. Within minutes I was in complete loss of control. I was moaning loudly and the pleasure was almost unbearable. Suddenly, it hit me. The first spasm started. OHHHHHHHHH. I grinded down hard into the pillow, arched my back and let the first wave roll over me. I started yelling, oh,oh, oh my god and violently grinding into the pillow until I was soaked with sweat. This was the peak, the waves washed over me and I had no control over anything. I was now leaning up on my hands at this point grinding hardinger into the pillow, pushing the vibe all the way into me and the other one hard onto my clit. Finally it started to subside. I laid back down onto the pillow, exhausted. Both vibes still on high. I laid there recuperating about 5 minutes then finally rolled over and removed both vibes. My pillow was soaked with come and I was dripping down my thighs. I had only a few minutes to wipe off as good as I could and dress before the kids got in. I got myself together, cleaned up my vibes and put them back in my hiding spot. The kids got in not long after that. I had to discuss something with my ex at the front door. Then he hit me with a shocker. He looked me right in the eye and said - hope you had fun with your buzzy while we were out. I was shocked. He thought he was a wise guy. Apparently my daughter had come across my vibrator and I did not know it. That very day she asked her father what the thing was in mommy's draw that looked like a boy's 'thingie'. Well, since he thought he was a smart, sarcastic, wise guy, I figured I'd confess, after all I was caught. I told him - yeah, I actually have orgasms now, more than I could say with you. And, I get more than a few inches too. As a matter of fact, I had a REAL good time just now. He mumbled something, turned and walked away and I laughed my head off. He used to beat it all the time when we were together, he didn't think I knew, but I sure did. It was a great session and I didn't have to worry about anyone but me. That's nothing to be sad over, it was actually kinda nice.



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