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When our music department took a trip to Disney, we had to room in pairs. Automatically, I asked one of my friends Conrad to room with me. We had been friends all throughout elementary, middle, and high school, and now we were seniors. Why did I want to room with Conrad? He's absolutely gorgeous and rooming with him would put us in close proximity for a full three-day weekend.

He wasn't the archetypal jock, but he had a breathtaking body. He was very slim and very toned, stood about 5'6', and had crystal blue eyes and dirty blonde hair. He was ever-tan from spending his summers on the beach near his house and vacations with his family. He had an electric smile, and always wore very fashionable clothing that showed off his slim build and awesome ass. I worshipped him and his persona...he was very self-confident and often times arrogant, but I couldn't help but be attracted to him.

When I asked him, he was fine with it, but joked that he slept in the nude. I answered nonchalantly with 'Excellent!', feigning a joke, but meaning this for real.

We settled into our room around 11:00 at night because our flight was delayed and we were both wiped out from travel. We began to undress to get ready for bed and decided we were mature enough not to need to hold back with anything. He peeled off his tight polo shirt and jeans and scratched his balls idly with his hands, while I admired this God. His bronze arms were very veiny and dusted with sun-dyed blonde fur, and his pecs were slightly developed from swimming, complete with nickel-sized nipples. He had a perfect six pack without an ounce of fat and a v-taper leading entrancingly into his boxers. His legs were firm and sinewy from running on track and he was just perfect in my eyes.

He caught me staring and I was extremely embarassed, but he just laughed it off...he clearly enjoyed the attention. He flopped onto the bed, and I undressed and crawled into the other bed and we just laid up and talked for a few minutes. Our talk turned to girls and how his girlfriend gave him incredible head before we had left. As he spoke of their other sexual adventures, he slipped his hand under the strap of his boxers and fondled his balls and bulge. It grew and grew and he stroked it through his boxers. I took my chance and said, 'Slip them off. We have nothing to hide.' He obliged, stood up, and I was taken aback.

His package matched him perfectly. He had a seven inch cut cock with low-hanging golf-ball sized sperm-factories and a trimmed brown bush above his cock. He walked over to his bag and took out some lube, while I watched those perfect globes of his ass, lay down and went to work on himself while I watched in awe. He handed me the tube and I joined him, but I couldn't keep my hands off of him. I reached over and tweeked those nipples and rubbed his chest and abs. He moaned as he built to orgasm and threw his head back. As he jacked it with his right hand he explored his body with the left, alternating between squeezing his balls and rubbing his chest and abs and legs.

After about twenty minutes, he gasped 'I'm coming' and let fly a load worthy of a porn star. He clutched his balls as his body convulsed and his back arched. The first shot hit his spiked hair and the head board with each successive burst hitting his cheek, chest, abs, and finally drizzling down. This sent me over the edge and I too, shot a huge load and moaned much louder than usual.

After a few minutes, he laughed a bit and walked over to the bathroom, we stepped into the shower together, where his friend popped up again.



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