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Discovering Masturbation

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I had known about masturbation, but, had no idea how pleasurable it was.


In third grade I met Mike and we were best friends for many years. He lived in my neighbourhood and we were inseparable. I remember we would talk about the erections we would get when we would take our baths (we called them "boners" of course). We would laugh about it because it was so strange. At that age we had no idea about sex and the purpose of an erection. I remember how I liked talking about our boners and how it made me feel. I was actually surprised because I thought I was the only one that became hard in the tub. I remember one time he said I have a boner now. I immediately became hard and said me too. We laughed and thought it was funny, but, the truth was that we were horny and frustrated and had no understanding what we felt or how to fix it.

After many years of a close friendship, talking about sex with girls, looking at adult magazines, getting horny with no idea what to do, I'll fast forward to the summer we were 14. Until then, we believed that sexual pleasure only came from a woman. I know.... Kinda stupid.

The plan was to camp out in a tent in his back yard. His parents were out of town and we had the place to ourselves. He had a pool with a stockade fence around it. While swimming in the pool and talking about girls, I became hard. Mike had a diving mask on and I told him to watch me when I jumped off the diving board. After entering the water, I pulled my very hard cock, out from my swim suit for him to see and tucked it back in before surfacing. Mike became very excited, gave me the mask and did the same for me. We took turns playing that game, which started the series of events that followed.

I had never felt that horny before. It was exciting experiencing it with someone else. We then skinny dipped and the sensation, at the time, was as good a feeling as what I imagined intercourse to be. I had no idea. I was so much harder than I though could be possible. My horniness was like being on a drug. We laughed and talked about how good it felt. While still in the pool, I remember mike asking me to feel his dick and I did. It felt awesome to fondle his small, but, rock hard penis. He felt mine. There we were, in the pool, two ultra horny kids fondling each other's boners.

In school, all the boys made fun of jerking off and I thought it was a bad thing that only weird people did. I also had no idea that it could create an orgasm. I was so horny, I wanted to do something even more enjoyable, so I became bold and suggested we jerk each other for a while. He was into it so we went into a bathroom in his house. He suggested we use soap as a lubricant and we actually stood in his tub, without the shower on. He said he'd stroke me first and we should be in the tub, just in case sperm came out. We knew about ejaculation from health class, but, had know idea about the feelings an orgasm would bring. When he he started to stroke me, a feeling immediately went through my body, first in my cock and a wonderful warm feeling in my groin. He asked how it felt and I told him "It feels like fucking". Honestly it felt 10 times better than what I thought intercourse would feel like. It didn't take long when the warm feeling in my groin began to expand to my stomach. I remember, uncontrollably, bending forward at the waist as my first orgasm ever, was building. I had no idea what was going on in my body. Mike jumped out of the tub as sperm spurted out of me. He was just as shocked as I. I covered my cock in embarrassment as the spurts continued to shoot into my palm.

Afterwards the orgasm was complete, I immediately felt shame and embarrassment. He wanted his turn but I could not jerk him, due to the shame. After experiencing that orgasm, I had it all figured out. I told him he could do it himself, so he climbed back into the tub as I got out, and he masturbated as I watched. I remember him giggling as he climaxed.

Mike also felt shame afterwards, and I ended up going home rather than sleeping over. We did continue to fool around a little from time to time, until I found my first girlfriend. The story is totally true. I remember the details like it was yesterday because I think about it from time to time.



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