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Coming by Car

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I'm new at this so tell me what you think. Oooo I'm getting sticky just typing this..


I was in the passenger seat of Sean's sports car on the highway and I was feeling really horny. It was a rainy boring day. We had just started being together as a couple, so this trip to my cousin's wedding was a big thing for us. I was very fond of Sean. He had been a bit aggressive when we first met and I guess I had been rather brutal in turning down his ardent seduction but we became friends and after a long period of getting to know each other, I was beginning to think of him ... differently. Part of the problem was getting past the comfortable friendship thing. He just wasn't making any moves and I was starting to get a little impatient. The sleeping arrangements at my relatives were pretty vague, so I could not be sure my seduction planned for tonight would come off at all. The more I thought of it, the wetter I got and the more uncomfortable I became.

I pretended to drift off with my hand 'resting' between my legs. I softly caressed my sodden labia through my jeans in quiet desperation. My other hand was resting on my chest and I mumbled something about being cold so that I could slip it into my blouse. Sean was oblivious. They say men think frequently of sex - ha! - not when women want them to!

This was only making me so satisfied so I finally said 'I'm really horny!' He looked at me with a quizzical look on his face and I smiled back. He went back to careful concentration of the rainy road. I unbuttoned the top of my jeans and lowered the zipper and slid in my hand. Oooo that felt sooo good!! I slipped my hand down to my slit and slipped three fingers into my vagina and slowly parted my soaking lips. A quick brush across the top of my clit by my thumb sent waves of pleasure through my body. I opened my legs and started a slow frigging motion with two fingers on both sides of my engorged clit. I can't remember how long I was doing this. It felt great and I felt so free.

I had wondered how Sean would react whenever he got around to noticing. Then a smile broke out on my face. I moaned a bit and let out a 'Uuungghh' and a short gasp. He turned and glanced at me a few times and said: 'What are you doing? Won't someone see you!?'

I looked outside. I could hardly see the cars near us. I laughed, opened my blouse and rubbed my hardened nipples with my left hand. More groans of delight. My right hand was on a mission of it's own. My index finger was making circles around my clit. My other fingers were sliding up and down my labia lips or slipping deep into my vaginal canal. I began to feel my vaginal muscles spasm and contract with each deep plunge of my fingers and knew it was only a matter of time until I really came hard. Sean was looking at me like I was possessed or something. He saw my hand furiously at work at my crotch just inside my opened jeans. My legs trembled and I felt my hips involuntarily move. I could feel my toes curl as I knew I was about to cum big time. I could hear my gasping breath get louder and more ragged. I could feel my vaginal muscles clench on my fingers like I had never felt before and just then ... a quick brush of my clit by my thumb sent me over. He slowed the car and stared at me when I finally became very still. An orgasmic spasm hit me and I came with a scream.

When the sensation subsided, I was so satisfied that I just closed my eyes and went back to slumbering, hand still in my jeans and arms across my breasts. I guess I must have fallen asleep.

Sean was very sweet about it. We stopped at a secluded part of a large truck stop. I gently awoke to his kisses and soft caresses. He said that was the hottest thing he had ever seen and had been in agony for the last couple of miles. I unzipped his stiff cock and began to stroke it for him. I said that I had been imagining him inside me and that I just had to get off. I could feel his cock stiffen as I uttered those words. Three strokes after I said that, he came with a roar. He pumped about three good loads of thick, white jism onto my chest. We had no problems sorting out who slept where later that night.

I'm sooo wet telling this. I think I'll end this here so that I can go frig myself like mad and get off properly with both hands, horny minx that I am. Think of me at it! Hope you cum too.. tell me all the details!!



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