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I feel like sharing some erotic dreams. Is that Ok? None of these have happened in the real world, and some may be fragmented. But they all have one thing in common....they got me off. Where I can, I’ll try to include the age I was when I had them.



I'm walking through a meadow. It’s summer and I feel....odd. I’m wearing a blue cotton dress and underwear. As I walk, I feel like doing something daring, so I slip my dress off and walk along in my trainer bra and panties. Soon, I realise that’s not enough. It looks too much like a bikini. I take my bra off. I almost faint with excitement. Anyone who glances my way will see my budding breasts. Then I decide to go even further. I slip my panties off. The sparse covering of hair seems to glint in the sun. Walking naked makes me feel sexy. I so wish someone would see. I crouch down in the field and touch myself until I get ‘that’ feeling.

I really wish I had the courage to walk naked through a meadow. Maybe I do now. I may try this one out. 

20 ish.

(I had been thinking about anal sex but hadn’t done it)

He’s kissing me, and we are standing up against a wall near a factory. Something about being kissed and felt up in such a grim place adds a coarseness that makes it feel.....grungy.

I have his dick in my hand. Hard, wet at the tip, and he has my panties half way down my thighs and his fingers inside me. I’m grinding against his hand and not far off, to tell the truth. 

He gently turns me round. He’s going to fuck me from behind, my favourite position. (I can indulge myself in a fantasy that this is a total stranger) I feel his shaft between my thighs. My cunt is so wet it is lubricating him as well as me. I expect to feel him bend his knees slightly because he needs to find the angle to enter me.

Instead, he pushes against my ass. I almost tell him to stop, that I don’t like it like this, that it’s perverse, but I feel myself opening for him and, slowly, deliciously, I feel him take my anal virginity. It seems to go on forever, millimetre after millimetre of dick up my asshole. Then he starts to fuck me. He doesn’t move in and out much, but I feel so deliciously dirty, so disgusting, that its pleasure is intense. I feel like a whore, and the roughness of the bricks only adds to the pleasure. 

I imagine what this scene looks like. A girl, her panties round her ankles by now, facing a brick wall, her skirt flicked up her back, and a guy fucking her up the ass. 

This dream is a recurrent one. I often have it and I simply have to masturbate after it. Always.


My first lesbian dream. Most girls say they’ve snogged another girl, or felt boobs (over clothes). I think they say it to be cool. But one girl told us that she had been fingered by another girl. I think it was this that led to this dream.

I notice her watching me in the showers after hockey. She can’t seem to keep her eyes off me, especially when I soap up my boobs or between my legs. In turn, I see the water running off her and her erect nipples. The water isn’t exactly hot, so I put it down to that. One by one, the other girls leave and we are alone in the communal shower. She moves beside me. “You have a beautiful body” she mutters. “So do you” I reply, More out of politeness, because in my dream, she has very tiny boobs that belie the curve of her hips and the gentle swell of her belly. “Do you......do you....do it?” She whispers? “What?” I ask. “Do you...touch yourself sometimes?” I nod. “Doesn’t everyone?” There’s a tense silence, and I realise that I’m aroused. I’m arousing becuase I think I’m arousing her. “Can I watch?” “What now?” She nods “Yeah...just for a second.” We both look around. There’s no one near. I adopt a “slut” pose, leaning back against the cold tiles. I cup a breast in one hand and open my legs, slipping the other hand between them. I push a finger inside and masturbate for a few seconds with my eyes closed. When I open them again, she is masturbating furiously, pinching her nipple hard enough to blanch it of color. Then, unmistakably, she orgasms. I see the water running of her take on a slightly yellowish tinge. She has wet herself too.

I’ve just realised something. When I first started masturbating, sometimes I would pee when I came. Perhaps this is why it interests me so much and always has. There was a girl who would stare at me in the showers, although we never did anything remotely like this. I liked her looking at me in the way she did though. 

From around 19

The room is pitch black. Not a thing can be seen, but there is plenty to hear, though. Moans, people talking dirty, there are people having sex in here. There is everything from “Oh God, I love you so much” to “Fuck me, you cunt”. I hear, “Lick my cunt, you bitch”, and I know two girls are doing each other. I feel hands on me. Male, female, who knows? I feel mouths kissing my boobs, my legs, my ass, my pussy, and one of my most erotic areas, my belly button. I feel myself being urged to lie down. I comply willingly. My legs are gently parted, and I feel myself being kissed slowly, teasingly up my inner thighs. Already I’m wet. Another mouth sucks my right nipple. I reach out and feel a female body. My hand finds her breasts and they are even smaller than mine, but wait....what’s this....pierced? I twist a piercing slightly and she gasps in pleasure. Then she kisses me on my lips. A deep, sensuous kiss. The person between my legs has reached my cunt now. He is expertly licking my clit. I’m aching to have him inside me though. He fingers my ass too. I press back against him to let him know how much I like it there, and soon his whole finger is deep,up my secret hole. Then, I feel him enter me. His fucking is slow, unhurried, measured for my pleasure, not his. I feel legs on either side of my face. I expect a dick in my mouth, but instead, I smell cunt. It’s a light, heady fragrance. Its owner only has a light downy pubis hair and I wonder how old she is. I feel up for her tits, and find that it is the same girl as before. I feel her moist pussy lips against my face and I tongue her. She writhes against me, especially when I lick down to her asshole. Her clit is hard and ready for my mouth. I work on her, listening and feeling her body’s response until she finally gasps “I’m gonna cum....” I feel her vaginal contractions and my mouth fills with girl cum. Between my legs, he is nearing his climax now. I feel a spurt on my tummy. Another man has cum on me. A gentle hand tilts my head to one side and a dick presses questioningly against my lips. I open my mouth to take it. Just as the guy between my legs cums, so does the dick in my mouth. I cum with them.

Being in a totally black room with a number of strangers is highly erotic for me. This is something I would do in real life in a heartbeat. I just love the idea of having sex with faceless people. I also love the idea of a guy of any age taking one look at me and knowing that he has to have me right there and then. No talking, no names, just taking my hand, pulling me somewhere and having me there and then.

I’ve read stories here about girls being groped or even having sex on a packed train. Although here are elements of that I don’t like, I must admit, it is horny. I don’t know what I would do if it happened to me.



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