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College Life

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I attended college in the mid seventies. The sexual revolution of the sixties was just beginning to reach the mid-west college town when I was there. Even so, there were the 'good girls' and the 'easy girls'. I fit in neither category, though most would have thought I was a good girl. I was a serious student, who didn't have time for dating and certainly had no sexual experiences to speak of. That's not to say I didn't think about it sometimes, though.

My life changed one weekend. Here's what happened.

It all started when my roommate went home on Friday night and I was up late studying. The girl's dorm was a U-shaped building, six stories high, with an open courtyard below. The windows of our third floor room opened to the courtyard. I had been working hard on a paper and studying for a test and decided about 2:30am that I needed to get to sleep. I turned off the overhead light. The only light on in the room was a small lamp on my desk. It was a warm evening, so I put on my light cotton night-gown.

The window had been open while I was studying. I enjoyed the night air, plus it sorta helped keep me awake. As I walked to the window to close it a bit, I noticed that just about every window in the part of the building across the courtyard was dark. Nearly everyone had either gone home for the weekend, was out partying, or already sound asleep.

Except for one room on the fifth floor, at the right of my view. The lights were blazing in that room, and my eyes were drawn to it. When I realised what was happening in the room, I couldn't take my eyes away.

This was a girl's dorm, but there was definately a man in that room. I recognized him from one of my classes. His name was Jerry. The girl I didn't know, but it was kind of hard to tell, as she was somewhat hidden by the man's body.

They stood in front of the open window and they were kissing. That itself was exciting, but what really got my attention what his hands. He was all over this girl. His hands cupped her face as they kissed. Then moved down to her shoulders and he gripped her closer to him. Then his hands inched their way down the girls back, until he cupped her butt cheeks. They never stopped kissing as he lifted her off the ground and she wrapped her legs around his waist. She was wearing a long t-shirt, but it rose up her thighs as he sat her down on a desk.

It was soon obvious that she was wearing no panties. She leaned back on the desk, propping herself on her elbows. Jerry pulled up the desk chair, parted her legs, and directed his hand towards her opening. This was something new to me, I had heard that this kind of stuff happened, but it had never happened to me. The girl did seem to be enjoying it. I could see her smile even from the distance of my room. I wondered what that would feel like, having a man rub and feel my private area. Did he actually put his fingers in the hole?

I couldn't help myself, but I started touching my own body. My panties got in the way, so I took them off and let my fingers massage my pubic mound. I had touched myself like this before, but never while watching a scene that was unfolding before me!

Jerry straightened up and sucked his fingers. He lifted the girls shirt off her and just stood looking at her naked body for a few seconds. She was pretty amazing, I could see that myself. Her breasts were firm and shiny with perspiration. Her waist was small and her legs were long. She removed his shirt and started rubbing her fingers on his nipples, then kissed them with her tongue. He took off his jeans and stood there in his boxer shorts. I could see the bulge of his penis and my body shuddered.

The girl wrapped her hand over his stiff cock and pulled it free from his boxers. She stroked her hand up and down on it. I watched as she moved her hand steadily up and down his shaft, and he leaned against the desk for support. He was facing me, though I don't know if he actually saw me. I could see his whole body, except where the girl's hand was blocking my view of his cock. He was biting his lower lip and smiling at the same time. Then I saw him reach for the girls hand and hold it tightly against his penis. His body arched and shook, and I wondered if he was coming. I soon knew that he had, for the girl stood up and licked her hand. I could actually see some of the cum had spurted on her arm. She didn't seem to mind.

Then they moved to the bed. Jerry's cock was hard again, That's amazing, I thought. The male body is so amazing! Anyway, by this time, I had my fingers inside my wet hole. I was churning up some juices of my own as I watched them on the bed. They rolled and twisted into all sorts of positions. When at last he had another orgasm, I was cumming too. It was the best one for me ever.

I licked my fingers and went to my desk. I took out a piece of paper and wrote a note.

Dear Jerry,

I was watching you Friday night in the girl's dorm. I liked what I saw. I will be looking forward to the next show. I hope you don't mind me watching. I couldn't help myself. If you ever want to come over to my room, I would be happy to receive you.


room 316.

Thus began my education in sexual pleasures. Watching and doing myself opened up a whole new world to me. Jerry taught me so much about myself, about my body and the male body, and what pleasures us both. Mimi, the girl from the fifth floor, and I became good friends. Very good friends.

Ahh, college life!



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