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Fun in the 3rd Grade

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When i was in 3rd friend named Kristin was one of my best friends. We were in girl scouts together and the same class naturally we became very close. I remember that she was supposed to come and sleep at my house and as the night continued we began to talk about sex and if we had ever seen a guy naked before. Neither of us had and we talked about seeing another girl naked and neither of us had seen another girl naked either. She got the idea to take a bath together and i was horny but i didn't know what that meant, all i knew was that it felt good and i was excited to see her naked. We filled the tub and decided to make keep the lights off and the shower curtain closed so it was pretty dim lighting in the tub. At first we just looked and compared but we soon began to talk about touching our pussies i told her that when i took a bath i would stick things in my pussy or rub my hand on it and it felt really good. Kristin confessed to doing the same and we began to get more daring. We made up a story that she was the guy and i was the girl and we met at a party. we sat at opposite ends of the tub and she started to say things like hey baby and the most sexual things a 3rd grader could think of. Soon she moved closer to me and said they should kiss cause that's what girls and guys do. I agreed and we kissed and then she described how movie stars always kissed with their tongues so i said we should do it that way since it was probably right. We began to french kiss and she started rubbing my chest and i copied he movements. after awhile of doing this I asked her if she had heard of sex she said yes and told me how she saw her older brother stick his finger and his tounge into his girl friends pussy (her brother was much older) i said that wasn't sex but it sounded good enough. We began to french kiss again and she rubbed my pussy and then she stuck her finger in and felt around. It felt so good so i did that to her and after awhile we decided to try sticking our tounges in each others pussies. We drained the water out of the tub and turned the shower on so we wouldn't get cold and we got into the position she saw her brother and his girlfriend in. Kristin didn't waste any time and began licking my pussy like a dog would like u. I rubbed my hands all over my body finding that it made it even better. I started to feel shaky and the good feeling in my young pussy got more intense and soon i was moaning and grabbing onto the sides of the tub. When i had recovered from my first orgasm i returned the favor to her. After that we went into my room and started humping stuffed animals and decided to try it on each other i climbed on top of her and began humping and french kissing her. The sensations were wonderful. After that we never had anymore sexual contact that year.
This past year Kristin came up to my in homeroom and asked if i remembered that i said yes and she sad she thought about it all the time and even masturbated to it because it turned her on so much. We both talked after school and we knew we weren't lesbians but we wanted to try what we did n 3rd grade now. We went back to my house and began to make out on my bed. We started to undress each other and she laid m down and started sucking on my nipples. Eventually we were both naked and we stared to 69except this time we weren't licking like dogs. We both brought each other to wonderful orgasms. She crawled on top of me and began humping me ad kissing me recreating what we had done back in 3rd grade.
Me and Kristin still get together and fool around and we've even showed our boyfriends what we can do.



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