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Church Camp Guys

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I never thought this would happen at church camp, but it was nice.


I've been with guys, and I've been with girls. I wanted to come out as gay, but I still enjoy a woman's touch every now and then. Maybe it's because growin up, my Mama was always my best friend. Anyway, so it was my last year goin to church camp, as my friends and me all are going off to college this fall. I've always looked forward to going, since I grew up with almost all these friends. We're in the great state of Texas, and they do grow 'em bigger here!

I first discovered my sexuality when I was 13, when we started showering together after gym. I noticed my dick had gotten alot bigger, and I was growin thick hair down there, and almost everywhere else. I would joke around with my friends, cause we all were sproutin dicks and pubes. Once in awhile we'd compare our boners and see who's was bigger. My friend Trevor has about an 8 incher, and mine is about 7. My other friend Tony and his brother Jason (they are twins) have a little bigger than mine. I'm sure it seems really gay, but alot of people compare there dicks. Once time we even jacked off together, and came in a mason jar, to see if we could fill it up. Of course we couldn't, but we did fill probably a 1/4 of it!

So anyway, at church camp, when you shower, you can go in different stalls and everything, but there's not curtains or nothin, just plain ol' open showers. all my friends and me just strip down in our bunkers and wrap towels around and go across the way to the showers. The girls are on a totally different side of the camp area, so us guys can just be naked if we really wanted to. We were all talkin and jokin around in the shower, and one of the guys asked if any of us have heard of a rim job. Well seein as it's church camp, none of us knew, even though I secretly knew what it was. So he was explaining it to us, and we were all listening. I saw a couple guys gettin hard, and thought it was kind of funny, since they were all supposedly really spiritual people.

That night after we had a baseball game, the guys all went back to the bunkers, and we were up late talkin about what the kid had said about rim jobs. I had gotten a couple rim jobs before, and to be honest, it feels really great. I pretended I didn't know nothin about it, so my friend Trevor asked if he could try it on someone, since he would want to do it to his "wife" some day. I said he could do it to me, and everyone joked around with me, and throwin pillows callin me sissyfied. Well I didn't care, cause i enjoy gettin a rim job. So I lay on my stomach, and Trevor pulled my shorts down. He spread my cheeks open, and I felt him start lickin me. It felt really good, and I saw a couple of the guys adjusting themselves. I was explaining how good it felt, an Trevor kept flicking his tongue, and I was getting to where I just wanted to jack off, so I asked him if I could turn over, and jack off while he did it. well none of the guys were sayin a word, and I turned over, and started jacking off my dick, while Trevor was lickin me down there. I came so fast, I could hardly stand it, and then Trevor got up and started jackin off his dick. PRetty soon, we had a few guys jacking off together in our bunker.

No one said nothin, just everybody jackin off, except for alot of the guys was sleepin. I cleaned myself off, and waited for everyone to get done with themselves, and Trevor gave me a big hug, sayin he was glad it was me he did it to, since we're good friends. Well since then, I've had some snap chats from friends that I met there, and Trevor's been over a few times, workin over on me, and we've become better friends, helpin each other out. I never thought that would happen at a church camp, but I guess you never know with people. Hope it helps someone else out there realize you can do what ever you want, as long as you're comfortable with it, and aint nobody can tell you it's weird.



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