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Choirboys Together

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I was trained in a large parish church choir. It was very 'old school'...no girls allowed. There were 20 boys, plus a range of men who sang everything from bass to male alto. (Now THEY are scary!)


The organist and choirmaster was a stickler for discipline. We had to be robed for choir practice and we even had to process in and out of the church. He would tolerate absolutely no poor behaviour. Of course, we were just boys, and boys at various stages of puberty too...well, some of us older boys were.

We would use the rudest language in the vestry, partly to make the younger boys embarrassed, but also, well, it felt good, talking dirty.

One evening after choir practice, I had been talking with another boy called Chris. He was taller than me and his voice was already highly unreliable. We had been talking about girls from school, although neither of us had so much as held a girls hand let alone kissed one. Oh, but we were full of ideas for what we would do, come the day! All in all, our conversation was quite raunchy and I had a nice little semi brewing.

We left the church and walked into the massive churchyard. It was so big that a good part of it was overgrown while still leaving a large area immediately around the church that was immaculately kept. Chris said 'Fuck, Allan. I could do with a girl now. I need a cum.' I made some joke about him not knowing what to do with a girl, even if one was there. Chris said 'Oh yeah?' and he grabbed me and pulled me to him. It was, at best only messing around, but it was also, hmmm, well, a cuddle too. Chris reached down between us and said 'Hey...looks like you need a cum too.' Now, at that point I hadn't even started to masturbate although I often got erections.

Chris said 'Follow me' and took off for the overgrown area. Deep in there, there was a ramshackled old hut and Chris took me in there.

We both got our cocks out by which time we were both fully hard! Chris cuddled me again and our cocks touched. Then, he turned me around and undid my pants and dropped them and my underwear to the floor. I felt his boner pressing between the cheeks of my ass although he made no attempt to do more than just press lightly against me.

Then he reached around me and grabbed my cock and started to wank me. It felt amazing and with his other hand he cupped my balls. He varied his speed and seemed to know exactly what I was feeling. He talked really sexy to me as well as kissing my neck. I had told him of a girl I not only fancied at school, but only that day, I had got a glimpse up her skirt and seen a few stray pubes leaking out of her panties. Chris said 'Imagine you are standing between Claire's legs and about to shoot all over her panties.' Well, that was WAY too much for me and I felt this amazing pressure suddenly drive through me. It was like I was going to pee, but far FAR more intense. I tried hard to resist it but then I relaxed for a split second and I was shooting cum for the first time. And DAMN, there was a lot of it. Chris got it all over his hand and that made it more slippery which added to the lovely feeling.

As I came down from my cum, I realised that his cock was now slippery between my ass cheeks. As I said, he never tried to ass fuck me, but I really liked the feeling of his hard-on. I felt him get into a rhythm and I know he could have cum there, but I wanted to hold him.

I turned around and took his cock in my hand and did to him what he did to me except I kissed him on the lips which he seemed to really like a lot.

Then he shot his load.

Since that day, we found ever more daring places to get each other off. The MOST daring one was inside the huge pipe organ. Chris had lessons there and the organ was a huge beast. To get to the console there was a wooden staircase that ran up inside it. Chris had a key to the little door and once in there it was both private and also very daring.

I loved making him cum and he always knew what to do to get me off. I let him cum between the cheeks of my ass quite a few times, but my favourite was having him cum on me. I didn't care where, I just loved looking at him as he orgasmed. Chris, in turn used to like pressing against me as if he was fucking me, I think.

Well, time passed and Chris's attention turned to girls. We parted company, but it wasnt a hurtful or unpleasant parting. We just grew in different directions.

You probably won't be surprised to hear that I am gay. Oh, I tried sex with girls, but I didnt like it at all...and I dont think I was very good at it from their point of view.

Chris? Well, he married and fathered two children. But we used to meet up from time to time and have a little fun together. So I guess he qualifies as bi. We got into a routine. I am quite feminine, although not in any way effeminate. Even so, when we met, I was always his 'girl'.

I suppose that straight guys reading this will wonder...'Did you go all the way?' The thing is, most straight guys think that homosexual sex is about ass-fucking. It really isn't you know. Oh, sometimes, yes, but for the most part it isn't. However, yes, Chris and I went 'all the way' many times. Why? Simple. I loved him back then, when he gave me my first ever cum, and I love him today. We will never be together full time as a couple, and for me, there will never be anyone else in my life. Don't get me wrong, I am not some embittered, evil queen who is planning on wrecking his marriage... I love him too much for that. What Chris gave me that day was the keys to my own sexuality. Between his visits, I am celibate by choice.

There is still a lot of homophobia around in High Schools. But isn't it strange that lesbianism, or bi-sexuality among girls is far more accepted? Boys, if the opportunity arises for a little fun with another boy and you are both ok with it got for it. What have you got to lose? It may be that you don't like it...well that's fine, at least you know. But then again, it may be that you do, and this is the first honest thing you ever did sexually. Don't be scared of it.



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