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Summer Camp Swim Time

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I think I was 14 when I went to a summer camp where our parents dropped us off on Monday and picked us up on Friday. At that camp there was a public pool close by that was reserved for us, and we would all be taken there a few times per week; one day the boys would go and the next it was the girls turn. We would all swim for a while, and when it was time to head back the group would go to the big picnic hall that was there and change. The first couple weeks went by like normal, but one day I noticed one of the other kids there. I had talked to him a few times but didn't know him all that well, but I was shocked when I turned around and saw him with his trunks off. He wasn't a big guy, kind of wirey, but his penis was huge. It hung down like a piece of meat, and even when soft the head poked halfway out of his foreskin.

As fast as it started he pulled on his underwear and shorts, and the scene was over. I knew I had to see how big it could really get. After that, I started talking to him more, and it turned out we actually had a lot in common. We would talk all the time, and when we were changing I tried to turn the conversation to something that might turn him on. I mentioned something about one of the hot girls wearing something skimpy, and I could see his penis get a little fatter and stick up somewhat. That was as far as I could get before we got dressed, but I knew next time would be my chance.

When we got back to the pool a couple days later, after we changed into our trunks I told him I didn't really feel like swimming and we should walk around in the woods instead. He said OK and we went down one of the trails. We bullshitted for a while and got away from the groups when I started telling him about that same girl. I had seen her laying out in the sun wearing just about nothing, and when I told him I saw his trunks start to pitch a tent. We then started talking about what we would do to her, and he really started to grow. His lump went about halfway down the leg of his trunks and looked like it was straining, so I decided to go for it. I said I really needed to beat off and said he could too if he wanted. He wasn't sure at first, but when I started taking my trunks off, he pulled his down as well.

It was unreal. His penis had to be almost 9 inches long and was fat, and it made my 6 incher look tiny. I asked him how his got so big and he said he wasn't sure, because neither his dad or his brother were even close to his size. He then tossed his trunks to the side and started stroking himself slowly, which I mocked. There we were, two teenagers wearing nothing but sandals in the woods jerking off. We kept talking about that girl, describing all the ways we would have sex with her, and it got us all pretty close in a hurry. I kept glancing down at his penis, and I was even amazed at the amount of precum he was making. It would drip out of the head like honey, hang there for a second and then get flung off into the dirt. Just seeing this show made me cum, and when I said it I leaned back and let my sperm fly, shooting out a couple feet before running out on my hand. He wasn't too far behind and told me when he was about to blow. He spread his legs, bent his knees and went on his tiptoes as cum started flowing out of his head. It seemed like forever but finally he stopped, leaving a big puddle of white on the ground. He looked out of breath and said that was the hardest he ever came. We talked about it for a couple minutes before putting our trunks back on and headed back.

After that, we didn't masturbate all the time together, but we did it in our cabin all the time in bed. That went on for the rest of the summer, but after it ended we lost touch. I haven't talked to him since, but I will never forget him and his size.



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