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Chat With My Own Sister - Part V

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Enjoy reading the story of my sister and me in a setting where she didn't know that I was her textmate/chatmate. We exchanged erotic messages.


Me: 'Ok... relax then... I will massage with my finger tips the sides of your vagina, the labia majora... then, I will massage your clit with my point finger ... my finger moves from the clit then down to the opening... you are wet, best friend...

Sister: 'Hmmmp... I have been wet since almost an hour ago... LOL...and you're driving me hornier, you horny bastard...Stop now!'

Me: 'Wow... You are so hot my best friend... what are you doing now? Are you naked best friend?'

Sister: 'Yeah, I am naked and I am touching myself now...I said, you must stop now!'

Me: 'Kindly describe in detail what you're doing, my best friend...'

The reply came a bit suspended...

Sister: 'Ah um.... Am playing with my clit... and... I am wet now... really wet... and I am horny...my hand between my thighs... and a pillow also between my legs...I said, you stop now!'

Me: 'Am stroking my penis with lotion, my best friend...'

Sister: 'Ah Ok... may I ask? How big is that my best friend?

Me: 'Six ... six and a half?... about that size...'

Sister: 'ahhh... that's big...'

Me: 'Would you like me to send an image to you now? Is your cell phone enabled to receive images?'

Sister: 'Yeah... send now...'

I send my sister an image of my penis which was taken about a week ago. After a while, I texted her.

Me: 'You got it?'

Sister: 'Yeah, I got it...And... It's really big! Sheeeeet you, bastard!... And very beautiful...I feel hornier...'

Me: 'Can I give you a call now?'

There was NO reply. Maybe she was nervous. Maybe she doesn't want me to call her. But I called anyway.... I buried my head in the pillow so that she wouldn't be able to recognize my voice.

Here's the conversation (not text messages anymore), as far as I can remember:

Sister: 'Hello... he..lllo?'

Me: 'Yeah, best friend... how are you now? Are you done?'

Sister: 'Still trying to reach ... yet.... (a short ahh!)... good you called... h'about you? You done yet?'

The voice of my sister was quivering. I could feel her nervousness or perhaps her excitement. The tone of her voice was very different from her usual tone. And I believe that she must be masturbating.

Me: 'Let's masturbate together... Just imagine that I am licking your vagina and sucking your clit... Do you like it, best friend?'

Then I just heard her moans and gawls: '...ahhh. Uhhhhmmmm... best frieeeeend... yeah... ummm... yeah... ahhh... ummmm.... Am coming...' And I responded with same intensity.

Me: 'Would you like me to put my penis inside you now, best friend?'

Sister: 'No...I don't like... just continue to lick... am almost coming...'

Me: 'Ok, then, I will rub my penis along the wet opening of your pussy, best friend...'

Sister: 'Owww... ahhhhh... sheeeeet....'

We stayed in the phone for like 20 minutes...

Her panting became very frequent and loud, then she hung up the phone. I knew, she just cummed; so I went on for the squirt.

After several minutes, I heard her going to the bathroom. Maybe it was then time for her to take the showers. I cleaned myself, then clothed myself before I went to bed - happily reminiscing that particular incident. I sent her a message: 'Good night and thank you'.

She responded: 'Enjoyed? I did! That's true. Good night, my best friend.'

That was my first encounter with my sister. She didn't know it that something like that and many more happened between us. That was perfectly the greatest thing with it.



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