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Caught Twice...In One Day

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I still cannot figure out how I managed to get caught twice in the same day. I mean, most people don't get caught twice in their entire life.

It was one day before school. Most mornings I liked to masturbate quickly before I get ready, just to make the morning that much more relaxed. I knew what time I needed to get out of bed to have enough time to get dressed and do my hair (and for my mom not to have any suspicions...), and looking at the clock I still had 15 minutes. I pulled off my shirt and underwear and laid back, quickly rubbing my clit and lips. I kept glancing back at the clock and time was slowly slipping away, but I was pretty good about getting done with enough to spare. I had about 5 minutes left and I was there with my eyes closed and one leg was dangled off the side of my bed. I was rubbing myself with fast circles when all of a sudden my mom walked in. I looked over and there she was with her eyes wide open in shock. I grabbed my pillow and tried covering myself up, and all she said was "sorry, sorry..." and backed away, closing the door behind her. I rolled over onto my belly and just laid there with my eyes closed saying "no, no, no..." over and over in my head. Obviously I couldn't go on after that so I quickly got ready and bolted out the door, horny and frustrated. I don't think I heard a word the teacher said in my first class, all I could do was think over and over about what happened. I'm not a prude by any stretch, her seeing me naked would be nothing new and I wouldn't be bothered by it, but walking in on me masturbating is different. That is something that should be private, and my mom shouldn't see me pleasuring and enjoying my body, even though we both know each other does it.

Even by lunch time I wasn't over what happened, and when my friends and I sat down they said it looked like something was bothering me, but I said it was nothing. They asked me a couple more times and finally I blushed and told them my mom caught me masturbating that morning. There were a couple of squeals and giggles, but after it died down a couple of them said it was no big deal and that it had happened to them too. I asked them what happened and they said it was awkward at first, but they got over it after a day or two. It made me feel a little better, but after the day was over I still felt pretty weird when I saw my mom when I got home. She apologized again and I just said it was OK, then went up to start on some of my homework. The evening and dinner went on, and around nine that night I got ready to take a shower. I usually don't masturbate at night, but since I didn't get off that morning I really needed my release. I stripped naked and put my robe on, and before I walked away I grabbed the vibrator I had hidden in my drawer that I took from my sister after she moved out. I got to the bathroom and turned on the water to let it get hot, then let my robe fall off me and stood in front of the mirror. I turned the vibe on and touched it to my nipples, getting them nice and hard and getting my pussy ready to go. I ran it down my belly and to my vagina, slowly sliding it in. It felt so good I could have curled up on the floor with it inside me and stayed that way for the night, but I had an orgasm to get to. I lifted my foot up onto the sink, watching the purple vibrator side in and out of my wet hole. I was licking my lips and humming to myself when...it happened again. I thought I had the door locked, but I guess I was wrong. The door opened and my mom walked in, she covered her mouth with both hands and I was frozen with the vibrator still buzzing away inside me. All I could do was yell out a sharp "MOM!" "I am so sorry honey, I...I heard the water running and I thought you were showering..." "Close the door! Get out!" "OK, OK, I am so, so sorry..." She then looked down at the floor and backed away. I couldn't believe it, but that time I told myself I couldn't stop, I had to cum. I backed up and sat on the edge of the tub and spread my legs wide, slamming the vibrator into my pussy. It took maybe a minute but my orgasm finally hit me, leaving me moaning and grunting and my toes dancing around. I wiped it off and put it back in my robe pocket and I got into the shower, and all I could do was stand there, staring at my feet. How could she catch me again in the same day? I finally got my hair washed and I soaped up, and when I was done I quietly went back to my room and laid in bed, not even changing from my robe that night.

Let's just say it was awkward between us for a little more than a day or two after what happened.



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