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I love the power of our law courts. People's lives change forever here, and judges, well, they vary. I'm used to "purple" judges. They are addressed as "Your Honour" but this week, we have a "red judge" they are addressed as "My Lord", usually contracted to "M'lud"....but I loved that....."My Lord." Very dominant.  So, it was with great anticipation that during lunch recess, the judge's clerk asked to see both Counsel and me!  Once in the judge's chambers, he asked both counsel if they would mind if he talked with me alone.!


Both Counsel agreed and left me with the great man. Oh, how I would love to tell you that he fucked me over his desk, but he didn't. He behaved totally properly and was only interested in my legal career and where it might lead me. I told him that I wanted to be a barrister, but that I was having to do it the hard way because of financial reasons. In turn, he asked me to keep him appraised of how I was doing, especially when it domes to choosing an Inn to complete my training. 

Being alone with him was......erotic. He smelled of expnsive cologne, and good quality cigars. And my dirty little mind held the image until tonight, where you find me now, quivering with anticipation and writing this. 

I'm still fully dressed....would you believe it......and I'm thinking of My Lord. The learned judge. I'm thinking of me, stretched out underneath him, perhaps in some noble place like an ancient Inn of Court, or old university like Oxford or Cambridge. I'm half imagining my trip to the Old Bailey last month. 

Whatever. The setting is ancient, and steeped in tradition, and he is deep inside me. I have it now... the fantasy forms fully in my mind. This is my initiation to my Inn of Court. The senior Bencher is this judge. (Obviously, I won't name him.)  the other member of the Inn stand around watching him. They all have erections, apart from the women. Some look at me with disdain, but some are clearly aroused, pressing their knees together, and one has her hand between her legs...oh...look. One has her hand between someone else's legs. 

Meanwhile, I feel My Lord. His cock deep in me. His robes brushing against me, and his wig...that silly wig brushing my face. He has kind, deep brown eyes. I find myself wetting up, not for any other reason but that I desire him. 

I love that we are fully clothed, and that only the merest pulling aside of my panties, and unzipping of his fly is enough to allow him to screw me. 

At my computer desk, my hand is so deep in my knickers, and they are so wet. I love the scent of my sex.....and I love the taste of myself on my fingers. I'm close. I'm going to cum, so I say, out loud. "My Lord.....come in me, My Lord." 

And as the venerable judge empties himself in me, I cum with him, and as I cum with him, I cum here, in my chair and into my panties. 

I'm wet through, and my room smells of sex. My fingers smell of sex too. 

Cumming alone. Necessary, but by definition, lonely. I'm a girl. I know very well I could get laid any time I like. A sexy outfit, a trip into Brighton to a nightclub, and I would be fucked before the evening was even half done. By the end of the night, I could be laid by any number of men....or women. Lots of girls go to nightclubs to experience their first lesbian encounter with a stranger....that way no social networks are damaged. 

But that's not what I want right now....but I AM lonely. 

Very lonely.

I walk to Chris's room. Oh don't worry, I, not going to fuck him....but I do need something from him. 

I still smell of sex. I know that. And I know that his keen sense of smell will pick this up. He will know what I've just done.

We chat...I'm sitting in a chair...he's lying on his bed. I'm not being provocative....I'm not letting him see up my skirt. He asks me how I am and I tell him a little of the pain of my loneliness. He understands. Chris Always understands. He asks me if he can help. I know that he isn't asking for a fuck, although we both know that if he did, I would give him one. I tell him simply "I want to watch." I just want to be part of someone else's sexual climax. But have no involvement in it. I'd like to smell sperm...that horny, slightly metallic scent. But more than that, I want to watch his face as he cums. 

He sheds his bathrobe, and for a second, I consider changing my mind! He is fit! Very fit! Then I see his cock, already semi hard, grow to full hardness even before he has laid back down. He closes his eyes, and begins to rub himself. I remember how much I wanted this cock inside Amy. He shifts slightly....looking like he can't quite settle into it. "You ok?" I ask. He replies with "uh..yeah...just finding it difficult to get going." I spread my legs and let him look at my wet knickers. "There. I know you can smell me....now you can see me too." 

He looks between my legs, which makes me wetter still. Then, I slip my knickers off. I know he has a lng-standing Maisie Williams fettish, so I decide to play for that. "Here. I took these from Maisie's dressing room." He immediately grabs them and I know he is away. 

He smells the panties, licks them, sucks them, and I know without doubt he is imagining they are hers. I watch carefully as his arousal builds. For a moment, I detach myself. I have a simila face and mouth shape, although my eyebrows are nothing like hers....well...maybe with some makeup I could do a pretty damn good impression. I think of her in The Falling, when she allows her brother to fuck her....and I know I could set that scene up.

Meanwhile Chris is close. There is a lot of pre cum seeping from his cock, and I know it won't be long. He takes a long deep smell and moans aloud "Ohhh Maisie......" and I see three powerful jets arc up into the air and land on his chest. His scent now competes with mine. I see his balls contract, and another jet, weaker than the others lands on his tummy. 

He is in no rush to end this and he keeps smelling my knickers as his orgasm subsides. 

I realise that this was just what I needed.....to be part of, but not joining with someone else. 

As I sit there......relaxing.......I hear my email 'ding'.....I don't know it but my world is about to end. 



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