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Caught Playing in the Living Room

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I was 23 or so and living in the city after graduating from college. I was dating a guy I'd met through friends at work although I had become acutely aware that I was more attracted to other girls than boys. I'd grown up in a small rural community, and went to a small religious school so the prospect of coming out was pretty low, especially back then. I'd been dating boys since I was sixteen but had realised that I got more excited with fantasies involving other girls than with the guys I was with. I knew I was different and probably a lesbian but there was no way I could come out. It wasn't hard to cover up; being a 'good girl' and not sleeping with guys was easy to get away with at a school that didn't allow dances or drinking. I was also very shy so it never occurred to me to act out any impulses I had. My only outlet was petting with my dates and intense 'sessions' alone in my bedroom.

I'd moved to a big city after graduation and had been out with a guy that was my sorta-boyfriend. He was a nice guy and handsome but I was still struggling with figuring out who I was and would occasionally spend the night with him. I was really horny that night as I tried to get over the hump with my date. No luck though, we'd had some heavy petting for a while and I gave him a hand job while he furtively rubbed me through my panties to try and get me off. He got closer than most but no luck. We went to bed and he drifted off to sleep and started snoring.

After a while, I couldn't sleep and went to the living room of his apartment to watch TV and drift off. In those pre-cable days there wasn't much on so I snooped around to see what he had on VHS. Nothing that really interested me until I found three tapes hidden. One was a basic hetero porno tape, the other was something else and the third was something about country girls. Being I was from the country and the box said 'All Girls Feature', I was instantly interested.

I was so shy and afraid of being found out, I'd never considered going to see an x-rated video or buy a magazine so I'd never actually seen girls doing it. I just relied on my imagination so I was instantly turned on by the prospect of seeing a bunch of naked girls touching each other! I slipped it in and eagerly sat on the couch in my sleep boxers and t-shirt. The video started and in three minutes these chicks were getting very nasty on the screen and I was in heaven. This is what I'd been fantasizing about for years and I was more excited than I'd ever been. I reached in my shorts and started stroking myself and came in about three minutes. This was great!

I watched another half hour of the movie and was getting excited again when a great scene came on that was a threesome. I'd always fantasized about being the girl in the middle, on my kness licking one girl while the other was behind me licking me and when the scene turned that way, I had to get on the floor and start imitating them. I was on my knees and elbow acting like I was licking the one girls twat while furiously working my hand between my legs. I'd pulled down my boxer jammies to my knees and had my t-shirt pulled up to my neck. I'd never been so turned on and I could hear my fingers squishing noisily as I hammered my love spot. Just as the movie was ending I had another huge orgasm and collapsed on my hand, moaning, grunting, and just about passing out. I then felt a warm fluid splashing my back and bottom and thought the roof was leaking. I slowly looked up at the ceiling to find the leak, and realised Tom, my 'sorta boyfriend', was standing over me with his cock in his hand as he had just jacked off all over me!

I shrieked and started freaking out, apologizing and trying to explain what was going on and trying to pull up my shorts. I was near tears as I begged him not to tell his friends that he'd caught me getting off to a lesbo video. He tried coming on to me but I was too wigged out to get interested. After seeing this video I knew what I was into and it wasn't him. I cried for a while and he consoled me and eventually I told him that I thought I was lesbian and basically let it all out. He was pretty cool with it and said it didn't surprise him. He said that sometimes while sleeping I would unconsciously stick my hands in my pyjamas and rub myself while saying girls names, particularly 'Oh, Connie' (Connie was a girl I knew from home that was a beauty queen, he didn't know that part).

After that, I made a deal with him, make a copy of that tape for me and to have him go buy me some more. In exchange I set him up with all the slutty gals I knew. I had my first real experience with another girl about two years later and then found a partner with whom I've been 'roomates' for the last five years.



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