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Wet is Good!

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I’ve told you about how very wet I get when I’m aroused. It was so bad that I was embarrassed about it. Talking to,other girls my age, it seemed I got far wetter than they did. I didn’t know then how much that would help when, eventually, I started having sex.  This could be a long one. I hope you enjoy it though.


Jake and I had broken up (amicably) and I was now with Steve. Steve was the best kisser! He could almost make me climax just by kissing me, and when he would kiss my boobs, well, he could make me climax! 

Like most guys though, he wanted to get into my panties. Up until this day, I hadn’t let him. Again, it was the old, old reason. After making out with Steve for a while, I was utterly soaked down there. 

So, as usual, he had my skirt up at the back, and I liked that. My bum has always been a big part of my sexual feelings (More later maybe) and I love it squeezed, and as usual, he had moved his hand around to my thigh with a thumb touching my pussy through my panties.

What was different this time? I dunno. Maybe I was just ready. Maybe I didn’t care any more. When his hand tugged my panties down I just let him. We lay down, and I felt him stroke my lower tummy. I don’t have pubic hair. No girl who gets as wet as I do would! I felt him trace lower, lower still until ....

Well, I just opened my legs. I felt his touch and it made me gasp. “Fuck, you’re so wet!” Damn straight! And even more now since he had said “Fuck” to me. I told you dirty words do it for me. 

I felt him slip and slide around down there and a couple of times he grazed over my clit. Like most boys his age, he had no idea what to do with a clit and I think he took my little gasps and jumps as a sign he was hurting me. Soon he found my entrance and slipped his finger inside me. 

He might not have known much about clits, but he sure as hell knew what a spot was! 

He wanted to have sex of course, but that was way off the menu. We did work out a ‘way’ though. I would lie on my tummy, and he would press his dick between the cheeks of my ass. He could grab both boobs which I loved and we would talk really dirty to each other. I trusted him not to try to enter me and he honoured that trust totally. 

I would press back against him and say stuff like “oh fuck.....yesss.....fuck me.....fuck me hard.” He discovered.....no, WE discovered that I like being called names, so he would say “Ohh shit....you fucking whore....you like that slut?” Soon he would cum over my back. 

A couple of times, well, we came close to him going inside me, but not my vagina! I remember quite distinctly that one time, he was pressing right on my asshole and I was pressing back hard. He began to slip in but he came almost immediately. 

He was the first guy who made me cum with his finger inside me. 

He was the first guy to almost have anal sex with me too. 

As usual, for some reason I would always masturbate a lot after seeing a boyfriend. I got really interested in the sexual feeling my ass could give me. 

One night, I was masturbating as usual when the idea struck me to push a finger deep into my ass. Well, it made me cum in a whole new way. Orgasms have......colours?....to me. Maybe that’s the wrong word. Textures? Layers? Oh shit, I dunno. They feel different. A cum standing up is different to one lying down. An orgasm with something stretching my bum is different to one with something stretching my vagina. 

I really got into anal masturbation. I had a hairbrush that had the perfect shaped handle. Not too fat....just right. Sometimes, I’d go on all fours and conjour up an image of some anonymous guy fucking me from behind.....and in the ass.

I'm masturbating between sentences writing this, actually. I have my favourite hairbrush in its place and I’m touching my clit as I write. 

I'm at the stage now where not only is the hairbrush soaked, but so is my chair. 

I better go and finish myself properly. 




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